Packaging supplies in the UK

Wholesale packaging in the UK

Whether you are a large business, a small one or someone with the need to buy a box, DS Smith ePack is here to help. The company produces excellent cardboard boxes and other packaging materials and delivers wholesale boxes to the UK and online. Our catalog includes a wide range of sustainable products, which are made of cardboard and paper and are offered to private and wholesale clients. The products are even available as individually designed boxes or created with special decorations. The boxes are created with the highest quality which makes our wholesale packaging UK business one of the top ones in the country.

Wholesale packaging in the UK tailored to every type of product

The packaging company DS Smith ePack produces both general packing material, but also boxes that protect even the most fragile items. We deliver wholesale boxes in the UK that offer protection, security and prevent products from moving around and being damaged. What’s more, our boxes and materials are characterized by high quality and detailed production, and some boxes even excel in their originality. We even take over special wishes or design requirements voiced by the client.

Wholesale packaging supplies in the UK for different  industries

We deliver to wholesale companies in different sectors. For example, for flower companies, we offer boxes that are designed to allow flowers and plants to breathe. For heavier items like books or tech items, we design boxes with handles so they are easy to carry around. DS Smith ePack is a wholesale packaging company that sells cardboard and boxes to businesses in the following industries: 

  • Pharmacy and cosmetics
  • Flowers
  • Books
  • Clothing
  • Technology
  • Food and beverage

DS Smith ePack can be found in several cities in the UK such as London, Manchester, or Leicester, so that any company in need of packaging material can find a supplier near them.

Packaging supplies for all kinds of businesses

We offer packages for all types of products:

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