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Tape for Packaging and Other Key Packaging Accessories

At DS Smith ePack, we understand that the packaging of your product is as important as the product itself. That's why, along with offering the best and most quality cardboard boxes in the market, we also provide the essential packaging accessories you'll need to ship your products securely and attractively. 

From self-adhesive paper tape to convenient tape dispensers for packaging your boxes, we've got you covered. Ensuring your box is securely taped is crucial for the safe arrival of your package, preventing any damage or unwanted opening during transit.

Eco-friendly Tape for Packaging

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in every product we offer, and our tapes are no exception. Crafted from Kraft paper and Hot Melt adhesive, our eco-friendly tape ensures your customers can recycle the packaging effortlessly. Simply put the entire box, tape included, into the paper recycling bin. This ease of recycling is a small but significant step towards a more sustainable future, aligning with our philosophy of reducing environmental impact without compromising on quality.

Custom Packing Tape to Personalise Your Orders

Personalisation is key in today's market, and at DS Smith ePack we offer extensive customisation options to elevate your packaging. You can enhance your customer's unboxing experience by customising not only your boxes but also your tapes. Add your logo or choose a design that matches your business colours, creating a memorable and unique packaging experience. This attention to detail can significantly enhance your brand's identity and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Do You Know What Type of Tape You Need?

Choosing the right packing tape can be a daunting task, given the vast range of options available in the market. In Ds Smith ePack we offer three different types: Reinforced Self-adhesive paper tape, Fragile Handle With Care Adhesive Kraft paper tape and Adhesive Kraft paper tape, each with its unique characteristics, usages, and advantages.

- Reinforced Self-Adhesive Paper Tape: This tape is your go-to solution for sealing cartons under challenging conditions. It excels on irregular surfaces and performs exceptionally well in extreme temperatures, high humidity, or damp environments. Made from sturdy Kraft paper reinforced with Natural Rubber, this tape provides not only strong adhesion but also an eco-friendly option. Its robust construction makes it an ideal choice for packages that require a secure and durable seal.

- Fragile Handle With Care Adhesive Kraft Paper Tape: Specially designed for packages that demand extra care, this tape is perfect for securing fragile and heavy items during transit. If you prioritise environmental sustainability in your packing materials, this tape stands out as a top choice. Made entirely of eco-friendly materials, it eliminates the need to separate tape from cardboard during recycling, unlike conventional plastic tapes. This feature simplifies the recycling process, making it a convenient and responsible choice.

- Adhesive Kraft Paper Tape: For general packing purposes, our adhesive Kraft paper tape is an excellent choice. Composed of high-quality Kraft paper and Hot Melt adhesive, it offers strong and reliable adhesion in both high and low temperature conditions. This tape is particularly effective for sealing corrugated cardboard boxes, ensuring your packages remain secure throughout their journey. Whether you are dealing with lightweight items or bulkier shipments, this tape provides the strength and adaptability you need.

At DS Smith ePack, we are committed to providing you with the best packaging solutions, tailored to your specific needs while upholding our dedication to sustainability and quality.

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