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When are mailers and envelopes a good fit for your products?

Cardboard envelopes are a resistant and eco-friendly solution for your shipments. Our postal envelopes are ideal for e-Commerce, especially for fashion, electronics and cosmetics. They are made with high-quality paper and designed in many sizes for easy assembly

Some e-retailers make the mistake of shipping all their products in cardboard boxes, without even considering alternative packaging methods. But envelopes are an ideal choice for many small to medium-sized items. These packaging solutions are designed to fit snugly around the items you are shipping, keeping them safe in transit, eliminating unnecessary waste and minimising expenses.

How to Choose the Right Envelope

Cardboard envelopes are also versatile and reliable, perfect for shipping stationery, books, comics, photos, prints and other flat items, as well as small electronics, clothes, cosmetics and gifts. Our rigid cardboard envelopes have sturdy edges to prevent damage to corners. Packing is straightforward; simply place products inside, seal with the self-adhesive strip and ship. Available in various sizes and provide a durable packaging solution for your e-Commerce business. 

Benefits of Cardboard Envelopes:

Environmentally friendly: The cardboard envelopes are the packaging that uses less paper to make. They are a plastic-free solution made from high-quality, recycled paper and are 100% recyclable.

Economical: Envelopes are cheaper to ship because they are slim and streamlined. They don't need void fill or tape and reduce your expenses and warehouse storage space.

Multipurpose: e-Commerce use to struggles to find packaging that is suitable for their products. Envelopes can be used for many different items such as clothes, books, electronics and gifts.

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