Eco-friendly Packaging, the present and the future of packaging

Why are we 100% eco-friendly?

Sustainability has gained centre stage in modern society. Eco-conscious consumers have never been more present and has led companies to increasingly worry about delivering their products in packaging that respects the planet.


100% Eco-friendly, this is what our packaging solutions are

It's no secret that sustainability is a hot topic for consumers and companies are paying attention and responding to this growing market demand.

We say that the packaging solutions found in DS Smith ePack are eco-friendly because 100% of the fibers that we use in our packaging come from responsible sources to combat deforestation, using recycled or virgin paper from a certified chain of custody. Also, given that they are a corrugated cardboard type of packaging, they are recyclable and biodegradable.

As part of our sustainability strategy, we are focused on protecting natural resources and reducing waste and pollution through circular solutions.


Sustainability as a purchase criterion

Consumers are concerned about the environmental impact of their daily activities and expect the companies they buy products from to be as concerned as much about this issue as they are. During COVID-19 pandemic, it would have been easy for consumers and organizations to overlook sustainability. However, a study by DS Smith and IPSOS MORI reveals that although the COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to new consumption habits, consumers continue to keep the environment in mind. For example, 40% say that they want to buy products packaged in recyclable materials.

Looking at online purchases, we can see that half (48%) of buyers state that they have received "non-sustainable" packaging. Of these, almost a third (29%) declare that they have penalised companies of brands with their purchase decision because their packaging was not sustainable. This shows that sustainability is a determining purchasing criterion.


Benefits of using eco-friendly packaging

The benefits that our packaging can bring to your brand and the environment are also worth highlighting beyond the huge impact that sustainability has on purchasing decisions.

On the one hand, ecological packaging is a competitive advantage that can boost sales since it improves brand image by projecting a message of responsibility. It is valued positively by customers who choose products and brands committed to environmental protection.

On the other hand, at an environmental level, it also helps to reduce the carbon footprint. As it is made with recyclable paper it reduces natural resource waste. And, as it is a biodegradable material, the negative impact on the environment is reduced further.



These are just some of the advantages of using sustainable packaging. DS Smith ePack considers the eco-conscious consumer and the needs of brands. Therefore, we manufacture our packaging with corrugated cardboard, using only recyclable material, offering resistant packaging, integrated in the supply chain, which is eye-catching and impressive and respectful of the environment.

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