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Packaging solutions for all types of products 

Not all products are the same. At DS Smith ePack, we have tailored our solutions to meet the needs of different industries by creating business packaging supplies and a wide range of boxes suitable for various uses

Fashion & Accessories
Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals
Florist, Garden and Home
Books, Music and Entertainment

Each industry poses different challenges and functionalities to its packaging. Each packaging for businesses also depends on the sector in which it is positioned. Our solutions focus on providing packaging that meets these different challenges while offering protection, security and, most importantly, a positive customer experience. We want to offer variety to our customers, so they can choose the option that best suits what they are looking for.

Packaging boxes and accessories for items that require extra care

Packaging that protects delicate products, such as flowers, requires a design that allows the flowers and plants to breathe, preventing them from wilting at their destination. Others that are somewhat heavier or bulky, such as household goods, require boxes with handles for safety and ease of lifting. 

Fragile items, such as glass bottles or crystal goblets, require further protection with specialised fittings and tailored grades of carton to prevent them from moving and causing damage during transport and the items arriving having received any knocks or damage.

To avoid possible damages it is important to choose good packaging for business that suits your item. In areas such as electronics, the use of sustainable packaging filler is desired to prevent damage or possible shock resulting from movement during transit. It is always a good idea to protect items well to avoid unpleasant surprises.   

Deliver packages that cause the best first impression

In addition to meeting industry-specific protection attributes, an important consideration is to provide a good customer experience when products arrive. Presenting products well is essential at that first moment of truth when the customer receives the package. 

To help delight customers and create this experience, we have developed a wide range of colourful business packaging boxes, a differentiating factor to enhance brand experience and make that all-important first impression.

100% sustainable packaging for businesses

All our boxes have one thing in common: being made of paper, they are fully sustainable. This commitment to eco-friendly materials satisfies the growing demands of our environmentally conscious customers and contributes positively to the health of our planet. 

By choosing our sustainable packaging solutions, businesses not only meet the expectations of their eco-aware audience but also play a crucial role in advancing environmental and social responsibility. Our dedication to sustainability extends throughout our production processes, from sourcing recycled materials to implementing energy-efficient manufacturing practices. This holistic approach ensures that every box we create not only reduces environmental impact but also supports a circular economy, making a significant step towards a more sustainable future for all.

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