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Double wall cardboard boxes: adaptable and perfect for added protection

Our double wall cardboard packing boxes are a double-fluted corrugated cardboard wall version of our classic packing box with added protection and weight capacity. Coming in a range of different dimensions, these boxes are adaptable to all kinds of packing material for added safety during transit. The boxes are environmentally friendly and made of easily recyclable material. An adjustable version of these double wall packing boxes is also available.

This classic double wall cardboard packing box is a great no-frills packing solution with all the advantages of the single wall cardboard box, but with the added security of 5 mm walls for heavier shipments of up to 15 kg (or stacked shipments up to 10 kg).

Can I use the double wall carton box for fragile items?

These boxes are also great for more fragile items that need more internal protective packaging to ensure the shipment arrives to the customer in one piece. These double wall cardboard packing boxes are especially sturdy and can thus be used multiple times and easily withstand the rigours of any return shipments.

Are double wall cardboard boxes sustainable?

Offering environmentally friendly packaging is now more important than ever. Businesses know the importance of taking care of the planet but also want to work with high quality products that last a long time. That is why in DS Smith we sell double wall cardboard boxes that are 100% recyclable.

The fact that these boxes are sturdy extends their life cycle and makes the sustainable and recyclable material even more environmentally sound, allowing you and your customer to know that your products are delivered with the lowest environmental footprint possible.

DS Smith’s high quality double wall cardboard boxes 

- Our whole range of cardboard boxes are simple to assemble, unpack, repack and recycle

- The double wall cardboard boxes can accommodate both heavier items and more fragile items, making the box more versatile.

- Maximum shipment weight up to 15 kg (10 kg when stacked)

- The durability of these boxes gives them a high potential for reuse, extending their usability to various cycles while offering the 100% recyclability of cardboard

- We offer discounts on bulk purchases.


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