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We have a wide range of paper mailing bags available in bulk that are sure to meet all your recurring delivery needs for non-fragile items such as clothing, accessories and jewellery for a low economic and environmental cost. Our range of water-resistant mailing bags keep items free from dust and dirt and are a particularly lightweight and versatile option, helping you keep expenses down and maximising your margins and customer satisfaction. In addition to coming in a huge range of different sizes, our bags are also available with customised printing specific to your brand, logo or message.

Product details and benefits

Made from 70 gsm to 126 brown kraft paper that is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, paper mailing bags are an ideal choice for many e-commerce businesses for shipping non-fragile items such as clothing, accessories, stationery and gifts. The major advantage of paper mailing bags is that they are not traditional boxes! Kraft paper mailers are designed to fit closely around products, securing them for safe transit without the need for bubble wrap, packing paper, void fill and tape. This saves you time, money and vastly reduced unnecessary waste, improving your environmental credentials. These bags are thus a great alternative to plastic delivery bags! 

Since our paper mailing bags feature a quick self-adhesive strip, they make it easier for you to pack and ship bulk orders. The bags come in a hugewide range of sizes and offer just the right amount of protection to ensure all your deliveries arrive safe and sound, including water-resistant protection and 100% recyclability. 



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