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The right cardboard boxes for moving with no complications

Relocating or rearranging a space can undoubtedly be a daunting task. But, with DS Smith ePack's innovative range of cardboard boxes for moving, your stress levels are bound to decrease significantly.

Imagine a seamless moving experience, whether you're transitioning to a new home, relocating your workplace, or simply decluttering your belongings. DS Smith ePack ensures that your items remain secure and unpacking becomes a trouble-free affair, allowing you to focus on the excitement of this new journey.

Choose from a selection of our four sturdy moving boxes, expertly crafted to cater to your specific needs. These boxes are not only durable but also eco-friendly, being made from 100% recyclable materials. You can seal your boxes securely with DS Smith ePack's 100% recyclable paper tape, adding an extra layer of environmental consciousness to your move.

What makes our home moving boxes the best in the market

One of the standout features of these cardboard boxes for moving is their versatility. With three different sizes available (small, medium and large moving boxes), you're guaranteed to find the perfect fit for your items. Whether you're packing delicate porcelain or heavy books, DS Smith ePack has you covered. Opt for the extra-strong variant for your heaviest belongings, ensuring that even the most valuable and fragile items are well-protected during transit.

The thoughtful design of these home moving boxes goes beyond their sturdy structure. Practical elements like handholes make transportation effortless, reducing the risk of accidentally dropping your items. Moreover, the boxes are fully stackable, allowing for convenient storage or transportation with minimal use of space.

Large moving boxes for specific storage needs

For those with specific storage requirements, DS Smith ePack offers specialized solutions. The wardrobe box, for instance, is tailored to keep your clothes wrinkle-free and shielded from dust. The integrated bar ensures that your garments stay neatly hung, eliminating the hassle of removing clothes from hangers and folding them separately.

Are you worried about storing and transporting glass items? DS Smith ePack has you covered there too. Safeguard your glassware with the glass divider, designed to fit seamlessly into medium boxes. This ingenious solution can accommodate up to 48 normal-sized glasses or 24 tall glasses, ensuring that your stemware remains intact when being stored or transported. Additionally, fragile items like ceramic tea cups or metal ornaments find a secure spot within these versatile boxes.

DS Smith's cardboard boxes for moving are engineered to shield your belongings, guaranteeing a hassle-free unboxing experience at your destination. Opt for sturdy removal blankets to protect your items from dents, scrapes, and scratches during transit. Alternatively, consider the elegant brown kraft tissue paper, a perfect solution for wrapping delicate items such as clothing, jewelry, or watches. Seal your boxes perfectly with the self-adhesive kraft paper tape and its convenient dispenser. The tape not only blends seamlessly with the box but also allows you to label the contents clearly, thanks to its strong adhesive properties.

Sustainable cardboard boxes for moving

What makes DS Smith ePack truly exceptional is its commitment to the environment. All large moving boxes offered are biodegradable and made from environmentally friendly packaging materials. This means that once you've completed your move, everything can be disposed of responsibly by tossing it directly into the paper recycling bin.

With DS Smith ePack, you're not just making your move smoother; you're also making a conscious choice to minimize your environmental footprint.

So, when it comes to relocating or rearranging your space, trust DS Smith ePack's range of cardboard boxes for moving to simplify the process, protect your items, and contribute to a greener planet—all in one go.

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