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DS Smith ePack’s fashion and accessory packaging are the ideal solutions for packing all types of clothing, footwear and accessories. The various designs and sizes available for this sector allow you to fully protect your products to deliver a good customer experience.  In addition, because our boxes are made from fully recyclable corrugated cardboard, they are cost-effective, durable and eco-friendly.

Ease of assembly and unboxing, optimization of your time and variety

A requirement that more and more customers value. Designed for ease of assembly, our packaging not only considers the importance of ensuring efficiency in your process but also allows ease of storage and optimisation in shipping.  Our range of clothing delivery boxes will provide you with the reassurance that your products will arrive in excellent condition, delivering a positive unboxing experience, whilst utilising sustainable products that can be recycled by your customers through kerbside recycling. 

Customers increasingly value immediacy, so an easy-to-assemble box like ours is essential for any business. Our boxes will not only keep your products in good condition during transport, but also offer additional benefits that will improve your brand's image and reputation.

The value of sustainability

Aware of its environmental impact, the textile industry is increasingly shifting towards sustainable packaging. According to a European study conducted by DS Smith ePack and IPSOS Mori, almost a third of consumers would stop buying the products of certain brands if their packaging were not sustainable. Meet the expectations of increasingly demanding consumers with our fully eco-friendly cardboard clothing delivery boxes, as well as our packaging for clothing and paper envelopes.

Optimized product returns

With the rise of e-commerce, more and more people are now buying clothes online without the ability to try them on.  With our reusable boxes, we make the process of returns quick and easy for your customers. For that enhanced experience, our double-taped boxes provide your customers with even more convenience, they can just peel the second tape and return the box hassle free making their customer experience even greater as well as making the packaging for clothing or the box packaging very useful and cost-effective in both the short and long term for the company. 

As a seller, we know you care about return efficiency. We therefore guarantee that our boxes have been efficiently designed, not only in terms of costs, but also in terms of their transport and storage and ability to make that return journey.

Boxes for secure shipping

The fashion industry strives to ensure that orders arrive in perfect condition without any signs of tampering in transit. Our secure shipping clothing delivery boxes come with additional closing flaps, ensuring your products are safe and secure throughout their journey inside our clothing box packaging.  This will ensure that your products always reach their intended recipient and deliver that good customer experience.

An exceptional opening experience

Convenience is key to delighting customers.  Our Easy-to-open tear strip on some of our packaging makes it easier for customers to open their package, without the need for excess tape or other closing materials to secure the package.

We have a selection of boxes that offer inside print in a wide range of colours, designed to further enhance the customer opening experience.  Ultimately, your packaging is also the cover letter you'll send to your customers.

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