Postal Mailing Tubes

From posters to prints, our postal tubes will allow you to ship your items safely. Telescopic postal tubes and light-duty triangular tubes: our selected range of packaging solutions allows us to meet your needs as an e-retailer and will protect your products effectively against bumps and knocks.

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  1. Light Duty Postal Tubes - triangular

    Light Duty Postal Tubes - triangular

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How should you send posters, prints and other long items?

Long products ­– like posters, artwork, flags, umbrellas or sports equipment – pose unique shipping challenges. Many of these items don’t fit well in standard boxes and require protective packaging to prevent damage.

Round and triangular postal tubes are perfect for securing these large items during shipment without adding void fill. Our round postal tubes are made from resilient spiral wound fibreboard and include plastic caps for easy assembly. Our triangular postal tubes are a good solution for businesses with limited storage space. While you can fit approximately 200 round postal tubes on a standard pallet, you can stack up to 500 triangular tubes on the same pallet.

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