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This is the postal packaging you need to get your products ready to ship. DS Smith ePack offers corrugated shipping boxes in various sizes, cardboard envelopes and boxes fitted with dividers to prevent shaking and possible damage or bumps during transport. 

You can send flowers, groceries, bottles of wine or books without worrying: here you will find the perfect box for every requirement.

DS Smith ePack postal packaging will delight your customers with a delightful unpacking experience. Take a look at our carefully selected selection of cardboard packaging designed exclusively for eCommerce. All boxes are 100% eco-friendly and made from recyclable cardboard.

DS Smith ePack postal packaging also covers all the needs of the retailer or trader when it comes to shipping items under 10 kg. They are boxes designed for a fast-paced eCommerce business that demands quick and efficient assembly along with an easy opening system, designed to optimize time to the maximum. 

Connecting with the customer

With the increasing volume of online shopping, the unboxing experience has become the first physical connection with the customer and the first impression always counts. That's why it is considered a determining factor to captivate your customer with packaging that reflects the value of the product it contains, and consequently the corporate values you want to convey. 

DS Smith ePack will adapt to your tastes and needs, whether you are a;

  • A wholesaler
  • An online grocery store
  • A delicatessen
  • A small retailer of premium products

Find the perfect design to ship your product

Need to ship fresh flowers or a live plant? Discover our vertical box with a base to hold a bouquet of flowers or a small plant. Do you sell custom porcelain mugs and have never found the right box to avoid side impacts and bumps? DS Smith ePack has the perfect solution for standard mugs (no more than 12 cm wide and no more than 11 cm high). No need for bubble wrap or padding. 

Go for the right color

You can also send items such as accessories, jewellery, clothing, cosmetics or various ornaments in our stylish cardboard boxes with a neutral exterior and at the same time, an eye-catching interior with colors such as pink, yellow, red, light blue or black. Match the corporate identity of your brand or the product itself with the color of the box: a surprise that will not go unnoticed and will please your customer, generating a positive impact on their mindset. 

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