Light Duty Postal Tubes - triangular

• Best cost-effective solution for posters, maps and drawings
• Less storage space compared to tubes
• Easy and fast to assemble - adhesive tape included

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A2 - 138 x 138 x 550 mm - Ø80 mm - CTP003
A0 - 103 x 103 x 800-1500 mm - Ø60 mm - CTP001
A1 - 138 x 138 x 805 mm - Ø80 mm - CTP004
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Triangular postal tubes has been specically designed for the despatch and storage of rolled products like fims, posters, plans and ofcial documents. An easily assembled pack that not only saves time but also reduces required storage space.

Recommended for

  • Print resellers

  • Architects and graphic designers

  • Long items like umbrellas or flags

  • Sports equipment like fishing gear, golf clubs, pool cues, etc.


  • Triangular pack thickness of 2 mm with brown cardboard recycled paper quality of 85gsm

  • If you are looking for a long telescopic pack, choose our size 103 x 103 x 1500mm. It can be used for a length between 800 to 1500 mm

  • With adhesive strips for easy assembly and closure

  • Environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable

  • Those products are not designed to be used for heavy-duty products unless stated otherwise, not to be used under high humidity or high temperatures conditions

  • All dimensions may vary by up to 3mm


Reduces required storage space

With our triangular postal packs, you can fit up to 500 units on a standard pallet, compared to almost 200 standard round postal tubes, using less storage space.

Easy and fast to assemble

Triangular postal packs are fast and efficient to put together, thanks to their quick folds and adhesive closing tape. Simply bend and seal the folds, place your items inside and close the edges using the adhesive tape.

100% recyclable boxes made from recycled paper

Reduces environmental impact by eliminating the need of plastic end caps. DS Smith is a leading supplier of sustainable packaging solutions. We produce boxes for our customers, collect them once they have been used, and recycle them back into more boxes. It takes only two weeks for paper fibre to move around our business, and we handle over 5 million tonnes every year. That is the weight of 25 000 jumbo jets!

These packs also reduce environmental impact by eliminating the need for plastic caps.

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