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Keep calm and rely on our highly protective wine and beer bottle packaging. With our range of bottle boxes, you can ensure your customers receive their orders safe and sound. Send your bottles in secure, strong cardboard boxes for wine and beer from the UK’s favorite ecommerce cardboard boxes manufacturer, with sizes available for 1, 2, 4, 6 and 12 bottles.

  • Protect your items with our DISC™ tested bottle shipping boxes
  • Eco-friendly bottle packaging, easy and fast hand-assembly
  • Cost-effective packaging for wine, beer, cider and other bottles of 330 ml, 500ml and 750 ml.

What is DISC™ test?

Wine bottles need well-designed and protective packaging to prevent damage in transit. Our cardboard wine box will ensure your customers receive their favourite wine safely.

DISCS ™ is the DS Smith testing process that determines whether packs can survive the bumps and scrapes of the average e-commerce supply chain. Online orders sometimes need to survive up to 50 touchpoints, so choosing the right packaging is an important decision, and our cardboard wine boxes from 2 to 12 bottles have passed our DISC ™ Intermediate Test.

If you are interested in more information about the testing process of our cardboard wine boxes, please contact our Customer Service team. Get in touch with us by phone at 01908 088888 or e-mail at, and we’ll send you the information.

How are the inner bottle protectors assembled?

Our boxes to send bottles of wine, beer or cider have internal cardboard separators to prevent the bottles from breaking during transport. Preventing them from touching and clashing, since direct blows and friction between bottles is one of the main causes of breakage.

There are very few options on the market that are made of 100% cardboard and internal dividers are often difficult to assemble. , Consequently, our global team of packaging designers have worked together on the development and production of our cardboard wine bottle boxes, saving handling time and costs.

Cardboard Wine Bottle Boxes - From 2 to 12 bottles

Only one piece of cardboard for building up a secure and robust cardboard inner, that splits the box for 2, 4, 6 or 12 bottles. Take a look at the assembly video below to see how quick and easy it is to build them up.

You can also find the dividers assembly instructions in each inner you receive.

12 Bottle Shipping Box - 330 / 500ml

The bottle shipping boxes are delivered, including cardboard dividers. Just assemble the individual parts and add the cardboard bottle-neck stabilizer on top to secure the bottles. 

Which are the maximum bottle dimensions allowed?

Our cardboard bottle boxes range has been designed for shipping bottles from 330 ml to 750 ml, depending on the dimensions of your bottle, you will need to use one or another solution.

  • The Cardboard wine bottle boxes from 2 to 12 bottles have the standard dimensions for glass bottles of 750 ml. The inner dividers can hold a bottle of 95 mm diameter x 320 mm height.

  • The 12 Bottle Shipping Box - 330ml fits with a maximum bottle dimension of 61 mm diameter x 230 mm height, and the 12 Bottle Shipping Box - 500 ml can hold a bottle of 73 mm diameter x 230 mm height.

Is it possible to use the boxes for spirits that usually come in 700ml bottle capacity?

Spirit bottles are quite complicated, because of their specific and individual size. Each company creates a bottle that represents the essence and value of their beverage best. Still, if your bottle fits in the dimensions above mentioned, you can use them and send your spirits safely to your customers.

In case of any doubt, we do offer a sample service, to test yourself if the boxes comply with your needs. 

And even if it doesn't, our dedicated sales team is there for you to find the best solution.  Please, contact us by phone at 01908 088888 or e-mail at

How can you brand your shipping bottle boxes?

We are a leading UK manufacturer, producing our full range of cardboard boxes and mailers in our box plants located all over the country. We can design and provide the bottle box you need, either just a print on our standard size or a fully bespoke box on your own dimensions with or without print. All from 1000 units.

Just fill in the bespoke request form. Our account management team will contact you to offer the best bottle packaging solution that suits your requirements.

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DS Smith ePack bottle boxes: a revolution in wine bottle shipping

Shipping wine bottles can be a delicate task, and at DS Smith ePack, we've met this challenge head-on with our innovative bottle boxes. Specifically engineered to secure and stabilize bottles during transit, these boxes redefine packaging for the wine industry. What sets us apart is our commitment to both functionality and convenience, exemplified by the integrated cardboard protective insert that comes pre-assembled, ensuring an effortless assembly process.

Bottle boxes offer seamless assembly and maximum protection 

Our bottle boxes are designed with your convenience in mind. The pre-assembled cardboard insert eliminates the need for intricate assembly steps, guaranteeing a smooth and efficient process. This insert, integrated into the outer shipping box, forms a protective layer that creates an empty space between the external layer and the bottle. This strategic interior design is engineered to absorb impacts, adding an extra layer of defense against potential breakages and ensuring your bottles arrive at their destination in impeccable condition.

Recyclable and reusable

Our commitment to the environment is embedded in the eco-friendly design of our bottle boxes. While not intended for heavy-duty products or extreme environmental conditions, these boxes are crafted with sustainability at their core. Our different types of bottle boxes provide a green solution without compromising on durability or functionality. Choosing DS Smith ePack’s boxes means choosing a packaging solution that not only protects your products but also aligns with your eco-conscious values.

Our bottle gift box is ideal for subscriptions and gifts

The versatility of our multi-bottle shipping boxes makes them the perfect choice for wine subscriptions or gifting occasions. Whether you are a wine connoisseur curating a subscription service or a business offering premium gifts, our bottle boxes provide a secure and elegant packaging solution. Your customers will appreciate the attention to detail and the eco-friendly approach, ensuring a positive and memorable unboxing experience.

Time is of the essence, especially in the world of e-commerce. That's why our bottle boxes come with key features designed to make your shipping process a breeze. Easy and fast to assemble, these boxes save you valuable time without compromising on their protective capabilities. With DS Smith ePack, you get a packaging solution that seamlessly combines innovation, protection, and eco-friendliness for your valuable bottles. Choose DS Smith ePack for a smarter way to ship your wines.

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