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Technological products, and electronics in general, are delicate products requiring special protection. Trust in our high-quality cardboard boxes so your customers receive all their devices undamaged from shock that may occur during transit. Choose DS Smith ePack to ensure the quality and security offered by our entire range of products, which will perfectly suit your company's corporate needs, giving them the added value of using sustainable and environmentally friendly technology packaging, thus improving the corporate social responsibility of your business.  Our innovative design facilitates quick assembly providing speed and efficiency to optimize your operation. Our boxes are also easy to open so your customers can enjoy their purchase trouble-free.

Optimized product returns

Electronics and technological products are high in demand online, so you must be prepared to process returns. Our boxes are designed for safe returns in mind allowing you to optimize your business's reverse logistics by reusing them to return merchandise to your warehouse.  Some designs provide a double adhesive strip, which makes it easier for your customers to make returns, since they won't need to buy adhesive tape to close the package. In these cases, the return tape is already included.

Anti-theft packaging

To ensure that valuable technological products always reach their intended destination, our safe boxes feature secure closures. Thanks to these, no one will be able to steal these items easily. 

A surprising opening and emptying experience

Thanks to the easy-open strips, customers will be able to access the product easily, without endangering the purchased products through the use of scissors or knives. The variety of designs, sizes and colours will also allow you to provide your consumers with an opening and emptying experience in line with the state-of-the-art technology they contain. Impress them by capitalizing on the possibilities offered by our boxes.

Technology and sustainability united

Isn't it amazing that a material as natural as cardboard is the best form of packaging for the most sophisticated products? Combine the properties of both elements and enhance your brand's positive image, as well as help, protect the environment, using our fully recyclable cardboard boxes.

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