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What is the best packaging for beverage items?

Choosing the right packaging for beverages is more crucial than ever in today's market. Not only does it need to ensure the safety and integrity of the bottles inside, but it also has to align with increasing consumer demands for sustainability and environmental responsibility. The best packaging solutions are those that offer a balance of functionality, protection, and environmental sustainability. They should keep items intact while minimising the environmental impact through materials and processes that support recycling, reusability, and reduced resource consumption.

Sustainable packaging for beverages

Customers expect their favourite brands to do their part when it comes to sustainability. That's why at DS Smith ePack, we're committed to providing them with packaging supplies that are fully recyclable and 100% to their liking.

This is how our solutions and boxes for beverages meet consumers' expectations:

Manufactured according to sustainable production standards: Our facilities and processes are designed to minimise waste and energy consumption, aligning with the highest industry standards for environmental responsibility.

Designs are available in various sizes, so you can reduce costs by choosing the most suitable format for your specific product. This flexibility ensures minimal waste and optimises storage and transportation efficiency.

They are made from environmentally friendly materials, such as recycled paper or cardboard. Using our products means reducing plastic consumption drastically and helping the environment by being sustainable and eco-friendly.

As the cardboard is very resistant, our boxes can be reused for future occasions when you may need them again. This reusability aspect underscores our commitment to creating a circular economy, where materials are kept in use for as long as possible.

Carefully manufactured packaging for wine bottles

Making sure the safety and integrity of wine bottles during transport and storage is a top priority. At DS Smith ePack, we understand that wine packaging needs to be both protective and presentation-worthy. Our wine bottle packaging solutions are crafted with precision, utilising high-quality materials that provide the necessary strength and durability to protect the bottles from impact and temperature fluctuations

Moreover, our designs cater to the aesthetic and functional requirements of wine producers, offering customisable options that enhance brand visibility and consumer appeal. By combining sustainability with elegance, our wine packaging solutions are tailored to meet the sophisticated needs of the wine industry.

Special solutions for the brewing and cider industries

The brewing and cider industries face unique challenges when it comes to packaging. These products require packaging that not only protects and preserves the quality of the beverage but also aligns with the brand's identity and sustainability goals. At DS Smith ePack, we offer specialised solutions tailored to the needs of brewers and cider makers. Our packaging solutions are designed to withstand the rigours of distribution while maintaining the optimal condition of the beverages

From sturdy boxes that can handle the weight and movement during transport to customisable designs that reflect the brand's ethos and appeal to consumers, our solutions cater to the specific demands of the brewing and cider industries. Emphasising sustainability, our packaging options are made from recyclable materials, supporting the industry's move towards more eco-friendly practices.

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