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DS Smith ePack has developed the perfect padding design to ensure that your gifts stay in place and reach the customer in perfect condition, guaranteeing the safety of the package

Retailers and merchandisers are always looking for the most flexible and convenient packaging solutions for them. Surprise your customers with a dazzling unboxing experience while being efficient in your task. 

SizzlePak shredded paper is the environmentally friendly answer that ensures stability by preventing objects in the box from moving as a result of shaking or bumping during the transport route.

This natural decorative filler absorbs all shocks, impacts and vibrations, so you can always be sure that the product will arrive at its destination in perfect condition, just as you sent it.

An exceptional unwrapping experience

SizzlePak® shredded paper is a natural decorative filler for gift boxes. It is a premium unboxing experience that will leave no one indifferent, and will also give the impression that attention has been paid to the wrapping and packaging. 

This crumpled shredded paper is especially recommended for the following gifts:

  • Corporate gifts
  • Porcelain items
  • Christmas baskets

Its undeniable zigzag shape ensures that even the smallest gaps are filled, while the twisted shape of the shredded paper intertwines to form a compact mass, so that products of all shapes are protected from impacts or bumps that may occur during transport. The soft padding of the SizzlePak® shredded paper absorbs and cushions any external shocks and protects the item from moisture, dust or deterioration, keeping it in good condition, protected and dry at all times. Even the smallest gaps inside the box are filled. This prevents products from moving or, in extreme cases, breaking. 

Plenty to fill

Fill any size void with a 5 kg or 10 kg box. Just think, with one 5 kg box of SizzlePak® shredded paper you can fill a volume of approximately 30 liters. This equals almost 100 boxes of 300 x 200 x 50 mm.

Find the right shade

There are 13 colours available, ranging from classic colours such as natural cardboard, black, white, orange or deep red, to lush colours such as lilac, turquoise, forest green or fuchsia. Be creative and combine any type of box or brand colour: your customer will never forget such a pleasant unboxing experience. You can use corporate colours to convey your brand identity on Shredded Paper SizzlePak®. 

Shredded paper is 100% environmentally friendly and its production is fully sustainable.

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