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Produce boxes for food

Want to stand out from the crowd? Take your deliveries to the next level with DS Smith ePack produce boxes, part of our range of cardboard boxes. Now you can serve customers who prefer to receive their products safely and securely in the comfort of their home, so you'll win customers. Both trays and boxes are perfect for a week's supply of food for a family, for example. 

Home delivery has become the new standard and many industry sectors are quickly adapting to this new reality. That's why correctly choosing quality produce cardboard boxes that fit your company's needs is critical to your supply chain.

Benefits of produce cardboard boxes

Produce boxes are the perfect solution for:

- Large retailers and wholesalers

- Food suppliers, farms

- General provision shops

We offer an ideal design for secure, touch-free deliveries: just drop, stack and go!

Supply chain efficiency is all about versatility and convenience. Take a look at our product range and see our produce boxes with holes for easy handling, a feature that makes them very suitable and practical to avoid possible knocks or damage, and to facilitate home delivery. 

Streamline your logistics with DS Smith’s produce boxes

Designed to support a maximum weight of up to 15 kg, our produce boxes for sale are the ideal solution for delivering a week's supply of groceries - so don't wait any longer! 

Its main features are:

- An open top for easy and quick packing and removal of products.

- A straight design that ensures the box can be easily stacked and unstacked from pallets, thus avoiding possible product spillage and slippage.

- Interlocking style and handles on two sides for added stability, safety and peace of mind.

- The double-wall food-grade cardboard makes the trays extremely durable and perfectly stackable. In addition to saving time and space, they are especially practical for express shipments. 

- Provision boxes are specifically designed for refrigerated and ambient supply chains. They are a convenient solution for small shipments, as they can be purchased with a minimum order quantity of 50 units. 

Sustainability at the core with eco-friendly produce cardboard boxes

Produce boxes are made of 100% recyclable corrugated cardboard, made from recycled fibers, and are 5 mm thick, with a paper quality of 100 g/m². The material is very durable and one of its main features is that it can be reused several times, which makes it an excellent solution for moving house when having produce boxes will be very useful and cost-effective.

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