Cardboard Envelope Oyster

• Sophisticated and unique design for a great unboxing experience
• High protection and versatility for products
• All-in-one packaging: with two sealing strips, top and bottom; and easy-opening strip

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320 x 400 x 100 mm - COB002
450 x 355 x 100 mm - COB001
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The new Oyster Cardboard Envelope is a DS Smith ePack exclusive design specifically developed for clothing, accessories and jewellery.  Its carefully designed shape is an added value of this exclusive premium product. We are sure you won't find anything like it on the market. It's time to impress your customers with an innovative premium packaging solution.

The way that nature acquires shapes to protect itself has been considered in its creation. Its concave design mimicking an oyster - hence its name - prevents surplus space inside the envelope and allows greater adaptability to the product.

By adapting comfortably to the content in a variety of ways to occupy the smallest space possible, it is a versatile and cost-effective solution for the e-commerce supply chain.

The pack comes with a practical adhesive strip for closure and has an easy-opening strip for an excellent consumer experience. Furthermore, its secure sealing design prevents unauthorised opening, handling or theft.

An iconic fibre based hybrid pack, new to the market, with a strong sense for sustainability.  Your packaging is the first physical contact between your company and your customers, and that’s why it's very important to choose an option that offers an improved fill rate versus a box, better protection versus a mailer, a fashionable appearance and delivers a fully recyclable promise. For this reason, the Cardboard Envelope Oyster from DS Smith ePack offers an excellent presentation pack with which to highlight your brand value through incredible innovative design.

Your customers and the planet will love this revolutionary envelope. It is 100% environmentally friendly by being made of recycled materials to guarantee sustainable consumption.

Recommended for

  • Manufacturers and distributors of fashion items will particularly appreciate the adaptability and unique shape of this packaging solution that can protect their products by optimising the volume of packages, as well as surprising their customers.


  • Envelope thickness of 3 mm with brown cardboard recycled paper quality up to 100gsm

  • Includes an adhesive tape for closure and a tear strip for easy opening

  • All dimensions shown are internal dimensions

  • Those products are not designed to be used for heavy-duty products unless stated otherwise, not to be used under high humidity or high temperatures conditions


The Cardboard Envelope Oyster is particularly noteworthy for combining the rigidity of a standard cardboard box with the flexibility of paper envelopes. An unparalleled solution, as well as an original one.


It adapts in the best way possible to the content, regardless of its structure

  • Made of corrugated rigid cardboard, it protects the product better than an envelope and can withstand the habitual knocks and bumps of the e-commerce supply chain

  • It has an attractive, iconic and elegant design that surprises the recipient

  • As it is more ergonomic, the risk of falls is reduced

  • It consists of 100% recyclable sustainable materials

And all this in one product.

Available sizes

It comes in two sizes for greater adaptability:

Large Oyster: 450 x 355 x 100 mm
Medium Oyster: 320 x 400 x 100 mm

Assembly guide

A few steps and folds are sufficient to have the envelope fully assembled.

1. You will receive your Oyster as seen in the image.

2. The envelope takes on the oyster shape by flattening one end.

3. Remove the adhesive tape from the bottom and glue the flap.

4. Place your product inside and seal it with the adhesive strip and you're ready!

Would you like to customize it or do you need a larger quantity?

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