Packaging supplies in Manchester

Wholesalers and private customers can find packaging supplies in Manchester like paper products and cardboard boxes they really need at DS Smith ePack. We offer the most complete products in the market as well as the best customer service to keep our customers satisfied. Best of all, we take pride in saying that our delivery of products only takes 24h/48h.

Our customers mainly require cardboard boxes and customized packaging. In this case, the packaging material used will always depend on the products our customers sell,  in order to suit their needs and the sector in which they work.

Packaging supplies in Manchester: product catalogue


DS Smith ePack offers, especially to wholesalers, a wide variety of products that companies benefit from in all areas of production. Here are just a few of the packaging supplies in Manchester you can find:

  1. Cardboard boxes in various sizes protect products from humidity, scratches, bumps during transportation, and dirt. We offer discounts for large-volume orders.
  2. Postal packaging in various formats ensures, not only a delivery in optimal conditions but also helps improve your company image.
  3. Shipping tapes and labels are especially suited to keep a box closed during transportation and the item inside safe.

The high-quality packaging provided by DS Smith ePack is the perfect solution for companies that rely on our services to ensure smooth transportation of their items.


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