Packaging supplies in Leeds

Wholesalers who sell their products online need packaging supplies to deliver the order to the buyer’s home. These supplies need to be resistant and need to adjust to the weight, size and type of product that we want to deliver. Our customers can count on DS Smith ePack for the best products in the market if they are looking for packaging supplies in Leeds. The following are some of the packaging materials we sell:

  • Single Wall Cardboard Boxes: we offer these boxes in small, medium and large for all types of products from clothes to art prints and stationery. 
  • Double Wall Cardboard Boxes: we sell the thickest box in the market ideal for electronic products and heavier items that need more protection.
  • Self-Adhesive Kraft Paper Tape: the best option for carton sealing on inconsistent surfaces

Packaging supplies in Leeds for E-commerce

When choosing DS Smith ePack as your option for packaging supplies in Leeds, you will receive high-quality cardboard boxes and other packaging material that is very easy to transport and can be fully recycled after use. All our cartons have a special shape so that our customer’s products remain undamaged during delivery.
DS Smith ePack’s services follow the set standards of the current market. As far as packaging supplies in Leeds, and all over the territory goes, their excellent boxes and other material and the fast delivery make them the perfect option.


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