Packaging Supplies in London

The wholesale packaging provider DS Smith ePack has its main plant in the English capital. It manufactures all its packaging supplies in London and disposes of them there. A few key aspects that set us apart from other packaging suppliers are:


  • a quick and smooth delivery of products over the entire UK
  • the creation of strong pallets for industrial work
  • offering recycling services for old and already used packaging

Sustainable and eco-friendly packaging supplies in London 

We are aware that sustainability is becoming more and more important for businesses and industries in general, and that they prefer choosing a supplier that offers alternative and environmentally friendly services and materials if possible. That is why our packaging supplies in London are produced with this in mind. Besides offering recycling services for used boxes, we are also refining the material we use and adapting it to the requirements of today’s world.


DS Smith ePack focuses on creating solutions that match our customer needs, value-wise and product-wise. That’s why our company supplies wholesale packaging for many different industries and focuses on fulfilling their solutions and requests. We take into consideration each and every product to ensure safe and non-damaging packaging.


Our most popular products

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