Brown Paper Roll

• Made from 100% recycled paper with a weight of 90gsm
• It allows you to cut the required amount you need each time thanks to its continuous 210 metre roll.
• Plain brown paper roll.
• Low cost packaging material, suitable for different industries

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750 mm x 210 m - NPR01
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Our Rolls of Imitation Kraft Paper offer your business the optimal balance between functionality, affordability, and sustainability. With its 100% recycled composition, generous and completely customisable length, and adaptability to various packaging needs and uses, it is the optimal choice for conscientious businesses seeking to easily package their goods with purpose and responsibility.

Measuring 750mm x 210m, these paper rolls offer a highly versatile and environmentally-conscious packaging solution that reflects our commitment to sustainable practices. An essential addition to any business’s arsenal of packaging solutions, this product offers both convenience and eco-friendliness.


Our useful recycled imitation kraft rolls of paper stand out as an embodiment of responsible packaging. Manufactured with a weight of 90gsm, this plain brown paper is not only sturdy but also an eco-conscious alternative. The 210-meter continuous roll ensures you will have precisely the amount of packaging paper you need for each task and object, minimising waste and optimising efficiency.

These rolls of brown imitation kraft paper are an ideal choice for a range of industries seeking cost-effective, eco-friendly packaging. The paper rolls provide a low-cost solution that doesn't compromise on quality. Their versatile nature makes them perfect for wrapping, protecting, and cushioning various products during transit.

The paper's 100% recycled composition minimises the demand for new resources, reducing the overall carbon footprint of your business’s operations and ensuring your customers have access to the goods they need at the lowest possible economic and environmental price. Notably, this packaging material is itself fully recyclable, closing the sustainability loop.

Unlike traditional paper sheets, our continuous roll design provides flexibility for all packaging requirements. Whether it's covering boxes, books, or delicate items, this imitation kraft paper offers reliable protection against scratches and minor impacts. It's particularly well-suited for light to medium-duty applications, making it a favourite for business operating in the crafting and hobbies industry.

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