Flower Postage Boxes

  • Eco-friendly flower packaging, easy and fast hand-assembly
  • Flower Boxes that guarantee flower deliveries in mint condition
  • We are members of the British Florist Association (BFA)

Which Flower Box is right for my business model?

Our Flower Shipping Boxes are great for florists that ship flowers on demand, your customer is expecting a bouquet and can accept the order in a relatively large box. The best solution for e-commerce flower subscription boxes, is our flower letter box, its main advantage is to fit through standard UK letterboxes. Your customers do not need to be present for the delivery, they will come back home and still have flower delivery in mint condition due to additional ventilation holes.

How can we guarantee that flowers arrive in a mint condition?

Our flower shipping box CFP02 has a circular cutout that holds flower bouquets safely in place. Its secure design prevents movement, ensuring that your flower bouquet arrives in excellent condition. It also features a die-cut handle on top for easy carrying.

Our flower delivery box CLP02 has a cut out handle for easy carrying during transit. The handle holes also let air inside the box to keep the flowers breathing and guarantee a delivery in mint condition.

The flower letter box supports dual ventilation holes providing flowers with sufficient airflow.

Are the Flower Boxes eco-friendly?

Yes. DS Smith is a leading supplier of sustainable packaging solutions. We produce boxes for our customers, collect them once they have been used, and recycle them back into more boxes. All Flower boxes are manufactured in the UK from 100% FSC certified white kraft corrugated cardboard, they are 100% recyclable.

Which is the most cost-effective solution for shipping flowers?

Sending flower bouquets can be a great way to show love, friendship, and appreciation to a beloved one. However, the  flower shipping box can turn out quite pricy due to its size and classification as a bulky good. Sending lose flowers in a letter box can be joyful for your customer to arrange a bouquet themselves. The flower letter boxes, can be sent as a medium-size parcel and come out less expensive.

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Box for flower that is safe and convenient for shipping

Shipping delicate flowers requires precision and care, and at DS Smith ePack, we have tailored a solution that meets the unique challenges faced by e-florists. Our flower boxes are meticulously designed to fit standard bouquet sizes perfectly, ensuring a snug fit that secures and preserves the delicate beauty of your floral arrangements during transit.

Flower boxes tailored for E-Florists' needs

Understanding that flowers are a challenge to ship, our flower delivery boxes are crafted with the specific needs of e-florists in mind. Whether your floral creations are best presented vertically or horizontally, our range of flower boxes provides versatile solutions to cater to different bouquet arrangements. Choose our wreath shipping cardboard boxes if you want to ship Christmas wreaths or our cardboard letter boxes for flower subscription boxes. With DS Smith ePack, you have the flexibility to choose the perfect packaging that complements your unique floral designs.

Ensuring that your customers receive their flowers in perfect and mint condition is our top priority. Our boxes for flowers feature a secure design with a circular cutout that cradles flower bouquets, preventing movement during transit. This thoughtful design guarantees that your blooms arrive at their destination just as stunning as when they left your hands, creating a lasting impression for your customers.

Eco-Friendly and easy to assemble

We understand the importance of sustainability in today's world. That's why our flower boxes are 100% recyclable, made from recycled paper, offering an eco-friendly packaging solution. Easy to assemble, these boxes feature two adhesive strips for secure closure, ensuring a hassle-free packing process for you and a delightful unboxing experience for your customers.

DS Smith’s box for flower for hassle-free shipping

Safety and convenience are paramount in flower bouquet shipment. Our cardboard flower boxes come equipped with an easy-opening strip, making it effortless for recipients to unveil their floral treasures. The die-cut handle on the top of the box further facilitates easy carrying, ensuring that your carefully crafted bouquets are handled with the utmost care throughout their journey.

In summary, DS Smith ePack's flower boxes provide a comprehensive solution for e-florists, combining precise fit, eco-friendliness, and secure design. With our range of packaging options, your customers will receive their flowers in impeccable condition, elevating their experience and fostering loyalty. Choose DS Smith ePack to ensure that your flowers not only reach their destination but do so with the grace and vibrancy that define your floral creations.


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