How to Ship Flowers and What Flower Boxes Should You Use

How to Ship Flowers and What Flower Boxes Should You Use
9 May 2024 108 view(s)

Shipping delicate flowers requires care and attention to detail. Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to ship flowers and select the perfect flower boxes for your shipments. Whether you're a florist sending arrangements to customers or someone sending flowers to a loved one, ensuring they arrive fresh and beautiful is essential. Let's delve into the best practices for shipping flowers safely.

How to Prepare Fresh Flowers for Shipping

Before you start packing, it's crucial to prepare your fresh flowers properly. 

  • Trim the Stems: Cut the stems at an angle to better absorb water during transport, this will also increase the longevity of the flower. Also remove any excess foliage that could sit below the waterline to prevent bacterial growth.

  • Hydrate: Place the flowers in a vase filled with cool water for several hours before packing.

  • Wrap the Flowers: Use soft packing paper or tissue paper for packaging to protect the petals and prevent bruising.

The Right Way to Package Flowers for Shipping

Packaging flowers correctly is key to making sure they arrive in pristine condition, here are some recommendations for a correct flower delivery.

  1. Positioning: Arrange the flowers carefully in the box to prevent shifting during transport.

  2. Bubble Wrap for Vases: If you’re shipping vases, wrap them in bubble wrap to safeguard against breakage.

  3. Use Robust Boxes: For added security, opt for our flower shipping boxes, such as boxes for flower bouquets, boxes for vertical plants, wreath shipping boxes and monthly flower subscription boxes. These boxes are thicker and more resistant to crushing, providing extra protection for your delicate blooms.

How to Package Flowers Depending on Their Type

Different types of flowers and arrangements require specific packaging solutions to make sure they reach their destination in optimal condition. For individual plants or taller floral arrangements, we offer a box for vertical plants that is ideal as it accommodates the height and structure of the plant, keeping it upright and secure during transit. 

For monthly subscription flowers, the Cardboard Letter Box is perfect, designed to fit through standard mail slots while providing adequate protection for smaller, delicate blooms. Boxes for Flower Bouquets are tailored to hold traditional arrangements securely, often featuring internal fixtures to keep the bouquet in place. For seasonal and decorative pieces like wreaths, Wreath Boxes offer the perfect shape and protection to maintain the integrity of the design. 

Lastly, for general flower shipping, boxes with a cut out handle like our CFP05 and CLP02 models ensure easy carrying and minimal jostling, which is crucial for maintaining the arrangement’s beauty from departure to delivery. Each of these packaging types is crafted with the specific needs of the flowers in mind, ensuring that regardless of the type or size of the floral arrangement, it arrives looking as fresh and beautiful as intended.

Create a Delightful Unboxing Experience for Your Flower Package

While ensuring the safety of your flowers during shipping is necessary, don’t overlook the importance of presentation. Here are some additional tips to make the unboxing process truly memorable:

  • Handwritten Notes: Include a handwritten note expressing gratitude or well wishes. Customers appreciate the personal touch and feel more connected to your brand.

  • Petals and Fragrance: Tuck a few loose petals from the same flower arrangement into the packaging. The subtle fragrance will greet the recipient as they open the box.

  • Ribbon or Twine: Tie a delicate ribbon or twine around the bouquet. It adds a touch of elegance and makes the unboxing feel like unwrapping a gift.

  • Care Instructions: Slip in a small card with care instructions. This not only helps the recipient take better care of their flowers but also shows your commitment to their satisfaction.

Remember, the unboxing experience is an opportunity to create a lasting impression. By combining safety with thoughtful presentation, you’ll leave your customers delighted and eager to order from you again. 

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Expert Tips to Keep Plants Intact During Shipping

How to ship flowers correctly? To maintain the integrity of your flowers during shipping, consider these expert tips.

  1. Ideal Temperature: Avoid extreme heat or cold. Flowers thrive in a temperature-controlled environment. 

  2. Humidity Control: Use packaging materials that regulate humidity. Moisture-absorbent pads can help.

  3. Secure Sealing and Clear Labelling: Seal the box securely and label it clearly to prevent mishandling. For more information Learn how to ship fragile items correctly.

In summary, shipping flowers requires careful attention to detail and a commitment to quality. By following these best practices, you can ensure your blooms arrive safely and beautifully intact.

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