World Environment Day: Why We Are Eco-Friendly

World Environment Day is celebrated on 5th June each year to raise awareness on the critical environmental situation currently faced by our planet.

Sustainability has become a key factor in making purchasing decisions. According to an IPSOS MORI study, one in three online shoppers penalises brands opting for non-sustainable packaging. Packaging must convey a commitment to preserving the environment.

This is why DS Smith ePack has developed a product range that is 100% eco-friendly, as an alternative to traditional plastic packaging.

Paper Envelopes

Did you know that plastic bags take over 100 years to decompose?
Our paper mailing envelopes are the perfect solution for making your postal mailings environmentally friendly. These are recyclable, they decompose within one year at most and they are reusable.

Paper Bubble Wrap

Why is paper bubble wrap the best sustainable alternative and why should you use it in your packaging?

  • 100% recyclable and biodegradable.
  • Manufactured using FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) - certified responsibly sourced paper.
  • As well as providing protection, its accordion effect makes it suitable for a variety of products.
  • Save 80% more space in your warehouse than you would using plastic bubble wrap.

Paper Adhesive Tape

Recycling is another important part of caring for the environment. Our paper adhesive tapes make recycling much easier. Your customers will find it very easy to recycle your boxes. There’s no need to separate the tape from the cardboard box, as is needed with plastic tape. 

In addition, we have an extra-strong alternative able to support shipments of up to 75kg.



DS Smith ePack’s sustainable packaging solutions are aligned with the global Environment Day strategy at two levels:

  • Sustainable development: resources are limited and growth must be equitable. All fibres we use, whether virgin or recycled, come from responsible sources.
  • Circular economy: we follow the philosophy of the five Rs (reduce, reuse, replace, renew, recycle), producing 100% recyclable and biodegradable cardboard packaging.

Are you on board with the change?

This started with the first Earth Summit, or Stockholm Conference, held in 1972. Since then, it has become a fixed date in the calendar, giving visibility to environmental issues and running awareness-raising and promotional activities for the protection of the environment.

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