Mailing Bags for Clothes

• Equipped with 2 adhesive strips and a tear strip, ideal for e-commerce businesses
• 100% Recyclable and biodegradable and FSC certified
• Customize your bags from only 500 units here

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250 x 350 + 96 x 50 mm - Block Bottom - NRPMB01
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500 x 600 + 100 x 60 mm - V bottom - NRPMB04
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Kraft paper mailing bags are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to standard polythene mailing bags. These eCommerce Paper Mailers with Block Bottom are made from heavy-duty 126 gsm brown kraft paper that is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

Paper mailing bags are an ideal choice for many e-commerce businesses. Mailing bags are appropriate for shipping non-fragile items, such as clothing, accessories, stationery and gifts.

It reduces packaging material, volume, weight and freight cost, compared to using oversized boxes. By using a recyclable paper bag, you will also reduce your environmental footprint.

Recommended for

  • Clothing

  • Accessories

  • Gifts


  • 100% Recyclable and biodegradable 126 gsm brown kraft paper

  • FSC certified

  • Equipped with 2 adhesive strips and a tear strip, this bag is ideal for e-commerce businesses

  • Easy to pack and close, easy to open and reclose – in case of return shipments

Benefits of paper mailing bags

  • Sustainable: Sustainability is a growing global concern. Customers are paying more attention to environmental issues, and they want to align their everyday buying decisions with their values. Making a conscious choice to use eco-friendly packaging solutions is a smart business decision. This small change will help you position your brand in a positive light and set your company apart from competitors.

  • Sturdy: Kraft paper mailing bags are durable and designed to arrive intact at their final destination. 

  • Cost-Effective: The green choice doesn’t have to hurt your bottom line. Our paper mailing bags are affordably priced – comparable to many polythene bags – so you can opt for eco-friendly materials without depleting your budget.

  • Easy to Use: Each Kraft paper mailer contains 2 adhesive strips and a tear strip. Use the first adhesive strip to close the bag, the tear strip to open it and the second adhesive strip for returns. All in one!

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Customize your paper mailing bags from only 500 units here

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