Printed Boxes with Kids Patterns

Kids love opening the box almost as much as the gift itself. And, truth be told, that's often the case with adults too!  Let's not kid ourselves. 

DS Smith ePack SmilePrint patterns are the perfect decoration for:

  • Children's gifts
  • Baby and toddler products
  • Pet care products 

You can also add a childlike look to your box to delight little ones and grown-ups alike. Pack toys, children's clothes, comics or small electronics in a box that will make everyone fall in love with its unique design and get total satisfaction from children or adults. 

The boxes are 100% recyclable: your customers can easily throw them in the paper recycling garbage can after removing them from the box. Or, on the contrary, they can keep them if they want to reuse them in the future. You never know.

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Find the right sized box

Search By Internal Box Size or Royal Mail

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Put a smile on their face with a special printed box for kids. Make your designs unique and personalized. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the various childlike and colourful designs from DS Smith ePack. 

A delightful unboxing experience

Elevate the unboxing experience by adding a cute print to a highly anticipated gift. SmilePrint's monster theme features a variety of cute monsters flying around in Superman capes, a delight for little superheroes and parents alike, who will be totally floored. The children's moon print is decorated with a charming crescent moon and a sleeping full moon with Indian feather headdresses. Perfect for little adventurers who want to explore the world and learn about all the cultures it holds. Discover SmilePrint® Christmas printed boxes for kids with lots of charming animals that inhabit planet earth. A perfect way to celebrate Christmas for children and animal lovers. 

The background of the design is an off-white colour tone, an ideal base for the print to stand out and contrast with the product inside. 

Custom designs with a minimum order quantity

With a minimum order of just 250 pieces, you can add charming designs to a limited number of boxes to send to a small number of customers. Decide if you want to target a niche market or order a variety of patterns to suit different tastes or combine with different products or brand identities. 

Boxes are suitable for items such as:

  • apparel
  • accessories
  • jewelry
  • cosmetics
  • household and gardening products. 

Hassle-free and eco-friendly

The two adhesive strips make closing effortless and save valuable time. The tear strip makes opening a hassle-free unpacking experience. All boxes are made of 100% recyclable cardboard, an eco-friendly choice that will be an excellent teaching aid for little ones.

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