Printed Boxes for Gifts

Stand out from the competition with our new range of SmilePrint printed boxes. With various modern and airy geometric designs, these boxes are the perfect addition to a treasured gift. 

Now you can enhance your eCommerce packaging without spending time or money on box design. Simply select the print you like best and suits your needs and add it to the inside or outside of the box of your choice. Quick and easy.

DS Smith ePack printed gift boxes set the stage for a delightful unboxing experience, where the recipient will enjoy a unique and exciting moment.

Discover the DS Smith ePack printed gift boxes, a real treat for the eyes, made for special occasions and moments.

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  • Orders from 100 units and volume discounts
  • Only 5 days from order to delivery
  • Largest e-commerce packaging range

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Find your Box by Size


A box fit for any occasion

Give your customers even more reason to celebrate the most important holidays of the year, such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day or Thanksgiving, with a unique box that highlights the value of the product inside while conveying the dedication and thought you put into the gift.

Add a modern look to your packaging for products such as:

  • small gifts
  • shoes
  • clothing
  • cosmetics
  • accessories

Surprise the shopper with exquisite patterns

Get the ideal cardboard boxes for your e-commerce business when you order 250 units or more. Add an elegant touch of gold with gold dots SmilePrint, a luxurious finish for any box that looks great with classy empty fillers like crinkle shredded paper or tissue paper. Or use a geometric design such as the unisex motif to surprise your customer with a modern yet ageless design that will totally blow them away. You can also select the watercolour blue dot motif, which suits cosmetics, stationery or pastel-coloured clothing for example. You can also use our customization offer to add your own logo or special message on the boxes for a unique brand finish. 

An effortless unpacking experience combined with a sturdy design

The 3 mm cardboard with a paper quality of 120 gsm is perfect for protecting the product against bumps and shocks and ensures that the box is light enough to make shipping extremely convenient and practical. The two self-adhesive tapes for closure ensure a fast and secure packing process, while the tear strip makes the unpacking experience non-frustrating and easy for the receiver to handle.

The cardboard is 100% recycled, environmentally friendly, and also has an off-white colour shade that makes its contents stand out more.

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