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DS Smith ePack food and beverage cases are the ideal solution for packaging all types of groceries and bottles. With a range of sizes and designs available for this sector, we are sure to meet all your packaging needs, offering you boxes for food packaging and much more.  All of our boxes are fully recyclable and made from 100% recycled fibers. Our boxes are affordable and designed to be durable to ensure your products are kept safe throughout the journey and arrive in perfect condition, providing a pleasant and satisfying opening experience for all customers.  All our packaging and food containers are recyclable to offer a quick and easy recycling promise to your customers and maintain corporate social responsibility.

Food packaging and food boxes are the calling card of all food and catering products sold online. However, shipping these types of products brings with it new challenges. These are as follows.

Food and beverage packaging solutions: the benefits of sustainability

Customers expect their favourite brands to do their part when it comes to sustainability. That's why at DS Smith ePack, we're committed to providing them with food packaging that is fully recyclable and 100% to their liking.

This is how our solutions and boxes for food packaging meet consumers' expectations:

  • • Manufactured according to sustainable production standards
  • • Designs are available in various sizes, so you can reduce costs by choosing the most suitable format for your specific product.
  • • They are made from environmentally friendly materials, such as recycled paper or cardboard. Using our products means reducing plastic consumption drastically and helping the environment by being sustainable and eco-friendly.
  • • As the cardboard is very resistant, our boxes can be reused for future occasions when you may need them again. 

Special solutions for the wine industry

The wine industry is particularly competitive. You will make a great impression with good, unique, durable and at the same time sustainable packaging. DS Smith ePack wine bottle boxes are optimally designed to:

  • • Eliminate packaging waste and meet sustainability expectations.
  • • Protect the product and prevent breakage or damage from knocks and bumps
  • • Ensure a detailed presentation with the option of in-house customization 
  • • Enable a unique and easy opening experience, a process that is largely satisfactory for the company and above all for the consumer.

Special solutions for the brewing and cider industries

Our specific bottle packaging solutions, as well as our boxes for food packaging, will make you stand out from your competitors and attract consumers' attention, whether on the supermarket shelf or in the online store - see them all in our catalog!

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  • 100% Eco-friendly options!
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