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DS Smith ePack’s fashion and accessory packaging solutions epitomise the perfect blend of functionality and sustainability for all types of clothing, footwear, and accessories. Our diverse range of designs and sizes is meticulously crafted to offer full protection for your products, ensuring a satisfactory customer experience from start to finish. The use of fully recyclable corrugated cardboard in our boxes shows our commitment to providing cost-effective, durable, and environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

Packaging for Clothing that Maximises the Process

In an era where efficiency and sustainability are increasingly valued by customers, our packaging is designed for ease of assembly, making sure that your operations are streamlined for maximum efficiency. Our clothing delivery boxes not only guarantee the excellent condition of your products upon arrival but also support sustainable practices with recyclable materials that your customers can easily dispose of via kerbside recycling. This approach not only enhances the unboxing experience but also improves your brand’s reputation for environmental stewardship and operational efficiency.

Sustainable Packaging for Clothing

The textile industry is progressively gravitating towards sustainable packaging options in response to growing environmental concerns. A European study by DS Smith ePack and IPSOS Mori revealed that nearly a third of consumers would reconsider their loyalty to brands with non-sustainable packaging. Cater to the expectations of an eco-conscious consumer base with our eco-friendly cardboard clothing delivery boxes and paper envelopes, designed to meet the sustainability standards of today’s market.

Packaging for Clothes that Optimises Product Returns

The convenience of online shopping comes with the challenge of creating a seamless return process for clothes that may not fit or meet customer expectations. Our innovative reusable boxes and returnable paper mailing bags, featuring double-taped designs, facilitate a hassle-free return process, enhancing the overall customer experience. This feature makes our packaging a cost-effective solution for businesses, optimising both the initial delivery and the return process.

Our Clothing Shipping Boxes Offer Protection

In the fast-paced world of fashion, making sure that orders arrive in perfect condition is essential. Our secure shipping boxes are equipped with additional closing flaps, providing an extra layer of protection and security for your products during transit. This feature helps your items not only be delivered in perfect condition but also be protected against tampering.

Packaging for Clothing for a Great Best Unboxing Experience

A memorable unboxing experience can transform a simple act of receiving a package into a moment of genuine delight and anticipation, forging a deeper connection between your brand and your customers. That’s why we meticulously design our packaging for clothing to make sure that from the moment your customers lay eyes on their purchase, to the reveal of the product inside, every step is an immersive journey. With our sustainable, innovative, and customizable packaging solutions like our tissue paper, DS Smith ePack enables you to make that all-important great first impression, focusing on quality, aesthetics, and environmental responsibility.

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