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Grip Seal Bag 6 x 9 (1000 units per pack) - NGB100-WOB
Grip Seal Bag 8 x 11 (1000 units per pack) - NGB101-WOB
Grip Seal Bag 10 x 14 (1000 units per pack) - NGB103-WOB
Grip Seal Bag 11 x 16 (1000 units per pack) - NGB102-WOB
180 x 235 x 45 mm - NDPD100-WOB - DVD Envelope
250 x 165 x 70 mm - CSP116-WOB - CWF54 Book Wrap
385 x 295 x 240 mm - CDW237-WOB - Small SW Multi-depth
335 x 235 x 50 mm - NLPD100-WOB - Large Envelope
310 x 250 x 70 mm - CSP117-WOB - CWF60 Book Wrap
370 x 275 x 195 mm - CDB01-WOB - DVD Box SW
582 x 368 x 225 mm - CSW140-WOB - Large DW
Pallet Dividers - CPB100-WOB-Dividers
Hand Film Shrink Wrap - NSW100-WOB
Pallet Box - CPB102-WOB
Pallet Box - CPB101-WOB
1172 x 782 x 770 mm - CPB103-WOB
Machine Wrap - NSWM100-WOB
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We want our customers to receive their books in the condition they bought them, so our packaging needs to protect our goods from the elements for their new owners.

We also want our packaging to have a low environmental impact. We conducted an extensive tender process for our packaging, trying to balance the thorny issues of lower carbon and plastic reduction, which are not always in alignment. We understand many of our customers want to reduce their use of single-use plastics. However, we also need packaging that protects our products and helps us keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. After weighing up the options, the best answer at the moment is recyclable plastic packaging with a high proportion of recycled material.

We have made improvements to all our packaging, both poly and cardboard. We’ve made our poly-mailers thinner, changing the thickness from 60 microns to 55. This means we will reduce the amount of virgin plastic we use by 4.7 tonnes each year.

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