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DS Smith ePack’s pharmaceutical boxes are the ideal solution for packaging all types of medicine or pharmaceutical products. We supply pharmacy packaging with the highest quality requirements. Our solutions will fully protect your products until their final destination, thanks to the wide range of designs and sizes available.

The pharmaceutical industry is increasingly committed to the planet and sustainability. Therefore, our sustainable and biodegradable pharmacy packaging will help you stand out from the competition and support your brand values.

All of our packaging is made from fully recyclable fibers, making it affordable, durable and sustainable. Given that certain customers can purchase several items in the same order, in our catalog you will find packaging for both single-product and multi-product orders, such as the box with dividers.

Cardboard and design: the winning combination

Given the foreseen evolution of the health sector, the use of cardboard over plastic will continue to bring success, especially with innovatively designed packaging featuring various finishes and colours, such as that offered by DS Smith ePack.

Consumers see more than just packaging when they receive their order. This is the moment of truth and their first impression of the corresponding product and brand and select the most appropriate pharmacy packaging. Choose your ideal box design to give off the greatest possible first impression and the best packaging. Our boxes can be great allies in your marketing strategy.

The first connection between your brand and the customer is the packaging. This applies to both the outside and the inside of the box so use your imagination and take advantage of the entire surface of our boxes to boost your sales. Use your packaging as your marketing tool by printing your logo, website and social media addresses.

The benefits of being truly sustainable

Our cardboard boxes not only guarantee the great appearance of your products at the time of delivery, but also help protect the environment of today and tomorrow, so you can position your brand as fully environmentally friendly. They provide a unique eco-friendly experience with 100% recyclability.

Today large and small companies have decided to use sustainable packaging, because consumers demand it. Our cardboard boxes are biodegradable, being able to recycle and reuse, we are the best packaging solution for your company or business.

We’re UK’s favourite cardboard manufacturer and recycler
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