Self-Adhesive Kraft Paper Tape

• The most eco-friendly packing tape for small e-commerce businesses
• Excellent solution for packing corrugated cardboard boxes
• Custom print available on orders over 72 rolls

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48mm x 50m - NEPT001 - Self-Adhesive Paper Tape
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Embrace eco-friendly packaging with our self-adhesive Kraft paper tape! Recycled and biodegradable, our self-adhesive paper tape adheres to all surfaces and is resistant to humidity and moisture. Discover our paper tape, a quick, eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to regular packing tape! Customise your packing tape: You can add your own logo or design to our packing tape on orders of over 72 rolls. Simply fill out the customisation request form below and we will prepare a quotation for you.


  • Kraft paper tape with hot melt adhesive

  • Homogeneous unrolling

  • Rolls of 48 mm x 50 m 


Kraft paper tape is environmentally friendly

If you are looking for the best eco-friendly packing tape, this is it. Your customers will be able to recycle your box without any effort, just throw it to the paper recycling bin. It is not necessary to separate the tape from the cardboard box like with other plastic tapes.

It is made of Kraft paper and Hot Melt adhesive, which is an excellent solution for packing and sealing corrugated cardboard boxes with a strong adhesion in high and low temperatures.

A packing tape for each need

There is a huge range of packing tapes in the market. Generally, packing tapes are made of three different materials: polypropylene, PVC/vinyl and paper. Each material has its own characteristics, usages and advantages. Tapes also contain different types of adhesives (hot melt, acrylic, solvent or natural rubber), so it is quite complicated to choose the best solution for your packaging needs.

Tips for making the right packing tape choice

Polypropylene is the most cost-effective option, and it achieves excellent results with its adhesive. However, tapes made from polypropylene are noisy, which can be annoying in small packing areas. For these circumstances, we recommend ordering low-noise polypropylene packing tapes, which have a special coating that reduces unrolling noise.

When it comes to elasticity and resistance, PVC/vinyl tape is the best choice. This is the reason it is the most commonly used solution for heavy-duty and long-term storage. It is usually only combined with natural rubbers adhesives, which have long-term durability and higher resistance at low and high temperatures.

Finally, self-adhesive paper packing tape is the most eco-friendly solution. It is usually combined with natural rubber adhesives, resulting in an environmentally friendly packing tape. When used with corrugated boxes, these tapes also contribute to the overall recyclability of the packaging. They reduce the need to separate different materials, which is the case whenever a corrugated box is used with either polypropylene or PVC/vinyl tapes.


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