Paper Bubble Wrap Kit

• Sustainable and reusable paper bubble wrap alternative
• Recyclable, compostable and biodegradable bubble wrap
• Offers exceptional protection for shipping fragile products
• Fast and easy to use, and requires minimal storage space

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    It’s a dilemma many e-commerce businesses face: you want to cut down on the plastic packaging you use, but you still need to keep your products safe and protected during shipping. HexcelWrap, an all-paper, eco-friendly bubble wrap, is the ideal solution for environmentally conscious, customer-focused companies. The interlocking design of this 100% recyclable and biodegradable bubble wrap alternative keeps products securely in place without the need for additional packing tape.

    Recommended for

    • Ceramics and pottery

    • Electronics

    • Jewellery and accessories

    • Cosmetics

    • Wine and other glass bottles

    • Other fragile items


    • Made from 80gsm paper (60-80% pure Kraft paper FSC certified and 20-40% recycled paper)

    • Rolls dims: 385mm width x 80gsm x 268m (unstretched) and 385mm width x 80gsm x 425m (once stretched)


    The eco-friendly bubble wrap alternative

    Sustainability is important to consumers, and a growing number consider packaging waste a critical environmental issue. They want their e-commerce orders to arrive in pristine condition, but they also don’t enjoy the experience of unpacking a box full of plastic packaging or foam padding. They are looking to make more sustainable shopping choices, and your company can fill this need – and stand out among competitors – by using environmentally friendly packaging.

    HexcelWrap is an all-paper replacement for traditional bubble wrap or other plastic protective packaging. It is made from 100% recyclable, compostable and biodegradable paper, and it safeguards breakable items throughout their journey.

    Offers exceptional protection for shipping fragile products

    Your company doesn’t have to sacrifice security for sustainability. HexcelWrap offers just as much cushioning as plastic bubble wrap. No matter what you are shipping, you can rest easy knowing that your items will arrive at their destination damage-free. HexcelWrap is composed of hexagonal paper cells that fasten together, forming a protective web around fragile products and sealing securely without adhesive tape. This paper bubble wrap alternative provides outstanding protection and fits around items of different shapes and sizes.

    Fast and easy to use, and requires minimal storage space

    HexcelWrap is a smart choice for busy e-commerce businesses aiming to meet customer demands without using valuable storage space. It allows you to:

    • Storage materials in a small space

      HecelWrap arrives flat, in a compact roll, and takes up 80% less space than alternative products. As you wrap, it expands into hexagonal cells and conforms to support and shield items.

    • Pack orders efficiently:

      You don’t need scissors, tape or any other void fill when using HexcelWrap, simplifying the packing process and cutting down on time spent on each order (up to 25% to 50% faster). Simply mount the roll on its dispenser, tear off a sheet and wrap a product tightly before boxing.

    • Adjust to products of different sizes:

      The biodegradable bubble wrap is designed with continuous perforation, which enables you to tear it at any desired length. You can use HexcelWrap for products of all sizes, customizing it effortlessly and ultimately saving your company time and money on packaging.

    At DS Smith, sustainability is the foundation of our overall business strategy

    We are building a better business, focused on delivering sustainable value to all of our stakeholders. To us, truly sustainable value is found when balancing the needs of Our Business, Our Environment and Our People.

    DS Smith is a leading supplier of sustainable packaging solutions. We produce boxes for our customers, collect them once they have been used, and recycle them back into more boxes. It takes only two weeks for paper fibre to move around our business, and we handle over 5 million tonnes every year. That is the weight of 25,000 jumbo jets!

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