Retention Pack for Tablets

• All-in-one protective packaging solution, with no void fill requirement
• Cost-effective, all-in-one protective packaging
• Ideal for tablets resale and refurbishment businesses

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Tablets require special attention when it comes to shipping. At DS Smith, we have developed a range of retention packs with e-retailer's specific needs in mind. Browse our range of size options to find the perfect match. Our all-in-one design helps ensure a high-level protection for tablets during transit.

Recommended for

  • Electronic devices and e-commerce businesses

  • Resale and refurbishment businesses


  • Box thickness of 2 mm with white cardboard recycled paper quality of 120gsm and stretch film

  • Fits tablets up to 288 x 216 x 22 mm


 All-in-one protective packaging solution

Electronic tablets need protective packaging during shipment, not only to immobilise them but also to provide space around them to avoid movement and shocks.

A good protective packaging solution holds items securely in place, preventing damage from movement inside the box. It also leaves ample room around items to help avoid damage from external impacts.

Our retention pack for electronic tablets, made from micro-flute cardboard and stretch film, offers a complete protection at once.

Cost-effective, all-in-one protective packaging

Our smart retention pack for tablets provides a unique one-piece solution for protecting your product. It helps you save money and space by getting rid of void fill and packing tape.

Ideal for re-sale and refurbishment

Our retention pack for tablets is a smart solution for tablet resale or refurbishment businesses. The flexible stretch film is designed to fit various sizes, enabling you to use the same box for different tablet models. Pack each device in a matter of seconds, close the box with our convenient glue strip and rest assured that it will arrive in perfect condition.

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