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Discover our great offer of gift ribbons with beautiful colours. At DS Smith ePack, we are a leader in packaging solutions. Customize your packages with our gift ribbons to create a unique look, no matter what the box size.

One of the most used ways to decorate gift boxes is by using gift ribbons. They exist in different colours and sizes like these that we present to you. The ribbons come in rolls and are primarily used to make bows and tie boxes. Ribbons are an essential accessory.

We invite you to discover our range of packaging products. Find your best gift ribbon for boxes.

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How to choose a gift ribbon?

Gift ribbons are the perfect addition to your gift boxes. Make your gift look much better presented decorated with a beautiful ribbon and convey style and elegance using our ribbons.

For example, if you are making a gift for a man, think about his tastes; if he has an elegant style, then a sober ribbon would work well. If it's a gift box for women, white can be a good colour of ribbon, because it goes with everything.

A red ribbon can be the perfect accompaniment to surprise and declare your love to your partner, whether it is a man or a woman. Depending on the occasion, different ribbon colours may be chosen. Gold ribbons are currently in style. 

Gift ribbons are also ideal for wrapping Christmas gifts, wedding gifts, business gifts or birthday gifts. If you really want to make someone happy with your gift, you should consider including a gift ribbon decoration with your box gift.

Why do we decorate a gift box?

When we want to make a gift, we usually put it in a box, but that is not enough, then the box is wrapped or decorated with gift paper and then finished with a gift ribbon.

The tradition of giving a gift is something that is done all over the world and its origins date back to the second century BC, when the Chinese invented paper. As the story goes, at that time government officials gave away money in red envelopes.

Centuries later, the tradition of wrapping packages for the purpose of making a gift evolved. In the early 20th century, in the United States, the Hall brothers, founders of Hallmark Cards, invented Christmas packaging, creating papers with printed drawings, which revolutionized the world of packaging.

Today it would be unimaginable to make a gift without wrapping. It is something that is part of our culture, to the point that wrapping a gift box as such has become an art.

There are thousands of tutorials and ideas to decorate a gift box with gift ribbons on the Internet.

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