Printed Boxes with Floral Pattern

Floral arrangements mark the most important events in our lives, bringing joy in the best and worst of times. They are details that make a difference.

With DS Smith ePack printed boxes with floral pattern, florists and garden centers have the opportunity to make their products really stand out. Our flower letter box is ideal for sending flowers by post. Moreover, our compact flower boxes are the perfect solution to weather various bumps and scrapes that occur during transport, ensuring that the flowers are never crushed, arrive at their destination in perfect condition, and that the receiver can appreciate the beauty and good smell of the flowers.

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  1. Flower Shipping Boxes with Love is in the air

    Flower Shipping Boxes with Love is in the air

  2. Flower Shipping Boxes with You Make Me Happy

    Flower Shipping Boxes with You Make Me Happy

  3. Flower Shipping Boxes with Valentine's Messages

    Flower Shipping Boxes with Valentine's Messages

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With such a beautiful box, your customers will love to post photos and videos of their unboxing experience when they open the box on social networks, which means that you will also get to promote your social networks.

Flowers are as beautiful as they are extraordinarily delicate. Sending flowers used to be a big headache for florists and garden centers: the box was often crushed, or the delivery was sent too late, so the recipient often received wilted flowers in poor condition, with no smell... 

Boxes that combine clever design with beautiful printed patterns

The printed box with floral pattern is intended for postal deliveries and fits easily into a letter box. This saves the customer from having to wait at home all day to receive a delivery. The flowers can be arranged loosely so that the receiver can configure a creative and original bouquet. Ventilation holes and dual locking tabs ensure that the flowers receive sufficient airflow and are well protected against shocks, as well as ventilated. It has four fixing holes to tie the flowers in position. 

You can also add branding to your packaging with various designs. Customise your flower box to scale your business and adapt it to different targets. 

Alternatively, flower shipping boxes are the ideal solution for sending a ready-made flower arrangement without worrying about bumps and damage. DS Smith ePack offers boxes that offer enough space to prevent flowers from being crushed during transport; after all, flowers that do not arrive in pristine condition are considered almost useless, as they are wilted.

The boxes display the romantic message "Love is in the air" on a giant hot air balloon: a nice surprise and also a delightful experience is guaranteed when opening the box!

Hassle-free and Eco-Friendly

Easy to assemble with two adhesive strips for closing, they are even easier to open with their single strip. All boxes are made from 100% FSC certified white kraft corrugated cardboard that is 100% recyclable.

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