Pallet Box


• Minimises wasted space in shipping containers
• Has the ability to pack down, and collapse within itself to help save warehouse space.
• Double wall corrugated box.
• Fits on a 1200 x 800 Euro Pallet

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750 x 1150 mm - CPB100-Dividers
1172 x 782 x 770 mm - CPB100
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Our pallet boxes are highly recommended for the transportation of heavy goods. With their durable construction, space-saving design, and compatibility with international shipping standards, they provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for businesses, allowing you to optimise your packaging and transportation processes and ensure the safe delivery of your valuable goods. These pallet boxes offer the convenience of easy collapse for storage or return journeys, resulting in both convenience and cost savings.

Designed specifically for heavy items, our pallet boxes provide a strong and reliable solution for shipping and exporting goods. The dimensions of the boxes ensure they fit seamlessly into shipping containers without any wasted space, maximising efficiency and reducing shipping costs. The double wall construction provides an extra layer of protection, making the cardboard more resistant to impacts, compression, and stacking. This ensures that the packaging can withstand rough handling during transportation, reducing the risk of damage to the contents inside.

Our pallet boxes measure 1172 x 782 x 770 mm and have a volume of just under 25 cubic feet (around 0.7 cubic metres). They are specially designed to fit on the standard 1200 x 800 Euro Pallet, wooden pallets commonly used in the logistics industry that offer compatibility and efficiency in supply chains. The wooden pallets provided the pack are heat-treated and comply with export standards, making them suitable for international shipping.


One of the most important principles of the circular economy is designing for circularity, which involves products and services being designed with their end-of-life in mind, making it easier to recover and regenerate materials.

DS Smith has developed a series of circular design metrics which give us an accurate picture of the degree of implementation of circular design principles in the production of our packaging solutions and provide quantifiable data to show how circular a given packaging solution is and allow quick identification of the areas of improvement required.

Our Circular Design Metrics measure Supply Chain Optimisation, Recyclability, Planet Safety, Material Utilisation, Renewable Sources, Recycled Content, the Carbon Footprint and Design for Reuse.

* This circularity information was made by using the information of an average double wall box.

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