Packing Paper Tapes

There is a wide variety of paper tapes available today, which range in adhesion and thickness and size. Among the most common uses of paper tape is to secure packaging, as it allows boxes to be perfectly closed during shipping without fear of them opening during transport.

DS Smith ePack is dedicated to providing quality products and most importantly products that respect the environment. Below you can find different models of paper tapes, such as packing paper tapes available in different thicknesses and sizes.

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  1. Self-Adhesive Kraft Paper Tape

    Self-Adhesive Kraft Paper Tape

  2. Fragile Handle With Care Self-Adhesive Kraft Paper Tape

    Fragile Handle With Care Self-Adhesive Kraft Paper Tape

  3. Reinforced Self-Adhesive Paper Tape

    Reinforced Self-Adhesive Paper Tape

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Most common uses of paper tape

One of the most popular and commonly used packaging tapes today is the paper tape. Due to the tape's good adhesion to cardboard boxes, they are perfectly closed, without being able to open, thus avoiding any damage to the product inside.

Paper adhesive tapes, as you might already know, are versatile and made up of a strip inside a roll with an adhesive that can be used for joining, marking, or sealing things, be it a box to transport, DIY at home, among other uses.

In the paper adhesive tapes category, we find those made of crepe paper and those of the Kraft type. The first type is used in DIY or painting, while the Kraft type is used in cardboard boxes and has the advantage of being a recyclable material.

Why choose a paper packaging tape?

Why choose a packing paper tape? Because it is perfect to guarantee the closure and security of any box. ​Among the many advantages of this type of tape is its color, as it blends perfectly with the box on which it is placed. This helps to have a much more professional presentation of the packaging and a better finish, since the closing of the box is perfectly concealed.

Another reason to choose paper tape is that it is eco-friendly and does not produce waste, which is not the case with plastic tapes that cannot be recycled.

Our paper tapes are biodegradable, they are made with natural rubber adhesives, which avoids having to take off the tape from the cardboard box, which makes them 100% recyclable.

Your customers will appreciate that you choose to work with products that are respectful of the environment. You will be able to seal and pack any cardboard box with complete safety, they are resistant to high temperatures, water, and dust. Your boxes will arrive intact at their destination.

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