Light Blue Cardboard Boxes for E-commerce

• Postal box with unique coloured interior for a great openinging experience
• Helps your brand positioning with this original design
• All-in-one packaging: includes sealing tape and easy-opening strip

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170 x 140 x 110 mm - CGPB03-BTB
280 x 230 x 110 mm - CGPB09-BTP
460 x 400 x 130 mm - CGPB12-BTB
320 x 320 x 200 mm - CGPB10-BTB
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Discover our range of light blue cardboard boxes. An excellent solution to ship your products in an elegant packaging and elevate your customers unboxing experience. We have various popular sizes of light blue shipping boxes in stock. But if you should not find the size you need, please feel free to send us a quotation request for a bespoke order.

 Recommended for

  • Accessories and jewellery

  • Clothing

  • Cosmetics

  • Home and garden decor


  • Box thickness of 2 mm with brown and light blue cardboard paper quality of 120gsm

  • With adhesive strip for closure.

  • All dimensions shown are internal dimensions

  • Those products are not designed to be used for heavy duty products unless stated otherwise, not to be used under high humidity or high temperatures conditions

  • All dimensions may vary by up to 3mm


All-in-one e-commerce packaging: blue cardboard boxes and gift packaging

These light blue shipping boxes have been designed to ensure smooth assembly, good value and excellent customer satisfaction.

Save shipment time and cost by reducing packaging assembly time and extra-packaging. Just place your products inside and close using the self-adhesive strip.

All-in-one: shipping and gift boxes. Thanks to its coated-light blue interior colour you can use this external shipping postal brown box to pack your goods in like gifts and give a pleasant surprise to your customers.

Frustration-free unboxing experience

You only have one chance to create a great first impression. In e-commerce, the first physical link between your business and your customers is your packaging. At DS Smith, we understand that a perfect customer unboxing experience is key to ensure customer satisfaction and reinforce the power of your brand.

With our e-commerce light blue gift postal boxes’ easy-opening tear strip, your customer can open the packaging quickly and safely, no need for scissors or knives. Even a child can open it easily – that’s why we call it a frustration-free unboxing experience.

Self-adhesive closure prevents from tampering during shipment

Thanks to its self-adhesive closing tape and his design with the flaps, these light blue cardboard boxes stop people opening or putting their finger through the flaps, so products cannot easily be interfered with during shipping.


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