Fast Assembly Boxes

• Crash lock base for efficiency and speed
• Quick and easy assembly in just two steps
• All-in-one packaging: includes sealing tape, easy-opening strip and additional tape for safe returns

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300 x 200 x 100 mm - CAB003
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Fast Assembly Boxes Product Details

SKU Dimensions
(Length x Width x Height)
Pallet Quantity Bundle
CAB001 200x165x140mm 1800 20
CAB002 350x250x100mm 800 20
CAB003 300x200x140mm 1200 20

Our crash-lock bottom cardboard boxes are designed with double adhesive tape to facilitate order returns. Its self-assembling bottom allows quick and easy assembly during the packaging process, as well as avoiding the use of adhesive tape on the base. Made from recyclable fluting, our cardboard boxes are an eco-friendly way to deliver your products to your customers. Find the dimensions that best fit your needs.

Recommended for:

  • The ideal box for e-commerce and logistics: fast packaging speeds, easy order return by customers, and quick to open and close. Suits all forms of shipping.

  • Clothing and apparel


  • Box thickness of 2 mm of brown cardboard made of recycled paper quality up to 85gsm.

  • With double adhesive tape for easy returns.

  • All dimensions shown are internal dimensions

  • Those products are not designed to be used for heavy-duty products unless stated otherwise, not to be used under high humidity or high temperatures conditions

  • All dimensions may vary by up to 3mm

Key Features

Fast assembly and maximum protection

Our boxes are assembled extremely fast and with ease. With its self-locking bottom, a simple push on the sides gets the box assembled. Includes adhesive tape to make it easy to open the package and extra tape to facilitate product returns when needed. A safe return of the order is guaranteed, with the original packaging and the greatest security to protect it from mishandling.

Durable and secure

A sturdy box made of single-wall board and Kraft liner. Its reinforced bottom with a double-wall board protects the product from access and mishandling.

Recommended for shipment

An ideal box for e-commerce and logistics. Perfect for books, clothing, beauty, catalogues and a wide range of other products. Recommended for picking processes and online shops for various products.

Single-wall board from 100% recycled paper

DS Smith is a leading supplier of sustainable packaging solutions. We produce boxes for our customers, collect them once they have been used, and recycle them back into more boxes. It takes only two weeks for paper fibre to move around our business, and we handle over 5 million tonnes every year.

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How to measure a box?

When measuring a cardboard box, it is important to consider three key dimensions: length, width and height. These measurements provide the internal dimensions of the carton, allowing you to define the space available to pack products and ensure they fit properly.

The dimensions provided on our website are in Millimetres and are following the order LENGTH x WIDTH X HEIGHT.

To measure correctly a cardboard box follow these instructions:

1. Length: start by measuring the longest side of the box base

2. Width: rotate the box 90 degres and measured the other side of the box base

3. Height:measure the distance from the base to the top

How to easily assemble your Fast Assembly Boxes?


What makes ePack sustainabile?

In today's society, sustainability has become a key focus. Consumers who are conscious about the environment are demanding eco-friendly packaging solutions. DS Smith ePack offers packaging solutions that are 100% eco-friendly, using fibres from responsible sources to combat deforestation. They use recycled or virgin paper from a certified chain of custody, and their corrugated cardboard packaging is both recyclable and biodegradable.

DS Smith ePack prioritizes sustainability by using responsible sources, recycled or virgin paper, and recyclable and biodegradable materials. Consumers consider sustainability as a crucial factor in their purchasing decisions, and non-sustainable packaging can lead to negative consequences for companies. Eco-friendly packaging not only benefits the environment but also improves brand image and reduces the carbon footprint.

What does FSC label means?

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) labelled paper is an important choice for individuals and businesses looking to prioritize sustainability and responsible forest management. Using FSC labeled paper offers numerous benefits. It supports responsible forest management, reduces environmental impacts, promotes social responsibility, meets consumer demand for sustainable products, and ensures compliance with regulations and standards. By choosing FSC labeled paper, individuals and businesses can make a positive impact on the environment and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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