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eCommerce has grown exponentially in recent years, and many studies guarantee that this trend will continue. More and more companies and brands are launching to sell their products online, therefore having appropriate packaging is increasingly important.

Since 1940, DS Smith ePack has been one of the largest corrugated packaging companies in Europe and has extensive experience in the design, manufacture and delivery of custom boxes.

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In 2018, DS Smith ePack was created to offer a complete range of packaging products and supplies for businesses of all sizes - from small businesses to established companies. Our unique experience of selling through an online portal facilitates the purchase process.

Packaging adapted to your needs

Increase your shipping efficiency with packaging that is quickly assembled and ready to ship. We have extensive experience in all forms of packaging for eCommerce and online retailers, from clothing and cosmetics to more specific needs such as food, flowers, wine and beer cases.

For packaging solutions tailored to your specific needs, our experts can help. Contact us and we'll find the most suitable and cost-effective packaging solution for you.

If you have a growing business or eCommerce, you know that your warehouse must always be well stocked to guarantee your shipments on time. As a leading provider of packaging solutions, DS Smith ePack offers the products necessary for business success. Among our solutions are postal boxes, personalised boxes, paper ribbons, gift ribbons and much more.

Quality and sustainable packaging

For us, quality is of vital importance, we offer products made with the best materials and respecting the environment. Our products can be recycled once used. Find the one that best suits your eCommerce needs.

Discover our wide variety of postal boxes and custom boxes packaging for the beauty, flowers, liquor, and high-tech industries, among others. Designed by our packaging experts and which have exceeded the highest quality standards. Most of the main companies, eCommerce and brands in the world use custom boxes precisely because of its multiple benefits. Whether you need to ship large or small, you'll find what you're looking for at Ds Smith ePack.

With our packaging solutions you can rest assured that your product will reach its destination without problems.

For custom quotes, we invite you to contact us, we offer different solutions and interesting discounts for wholesale orders.

We’re UK’s favourite cardboard manufacturer and recycler
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  • Proudly manufactured in the UK
  • We offer the largest customisable packaging range
  • We’re the fastest custom printing service on the market
  • Founded in 1940
  • We operate in more than 37 different countries
  • We proudly employ over 31,000 people
  • We are Europe’s largest cardboard recycler
  • 100% Eco-friendly options!
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