ClimaCell™ Insulated Box Liners - 48 hrs

• These insulated shipping boxes keep contents chilled or frozen
• Fully recyclable thermal packaging made from renewable materials
• Gel packs are not included and should be purchased separately here

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Outer Box 414 x 414 x 414 mm + Liner 48 hours
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The packaging industry has witnessed a growing demand for temperature-controlled packaging solutions that are sustainable and recyclable. Our ClimaCell™ range of environmentally friendly thermal boxes keeps shipments of perishable goods at an ideal temperature throughout all stages of home delivery.

Recommended for

ClimaCell™ Insulated Box Liners are perfect for shipping a variety of temperature-controlled products. It provides top-quality thermal protection for a single shipment per set of liners. Suitable for frozen, refrigerated and ambient payloads lasting up to 48 hours. We offer four targeted solutions, specially designed for:

  • Provisions (Dimensions: 490 x 290 x 331 mm)

  • Meat, Fish and Dairy (Dimensions: 417 x 319 x 338 mm)

  • Meal Kits (Dimension: 408 x 382 x 351 mm)

  • Pharma and Life Science (Dimensions: 414 x 414 x 414 mm)

Each pack is delivered in a mixed full pallet. 


These insulated shipping boxes keep contents chilled or frozen up to 48 hours

When used with our gel packs available for purchase on our site here, ClimaCell™ insulated boxes offer sustainable protection for shipments that require a specific temperature range. When sent via a non-refrigerated courier network, they keep payloads of up to 14 kg — or 10 kg if sent in pallets — between 2°C to 8°C for 48 hours.

If you would like to ship frozen payloads at temperatures up to -18°C, please contact us at

Fully recyclable temperature-controlled shipping boxes made from renewable materials

Made from paper- and starch-based renewable materials, ClimaCell™ Insulated Box Liners can be discarded in any paper recycling bin. They are certified repulpable according to OCC-E standards through the WMU Pilot Plants programme and were awarded the How2Recycle® 'Widely Recyclable' designation.


The ClimaCell® solution can be easily assembled using the following steps:

1.  Assemble the outer 'RSC Shipper' shipping box.

2.  Assemble the ClimaCell™ container and lid. Place inside the external shipping box.

3.  Place the recommended number* of pre-chilled gel packs for your solution at the bottom of the ClimaCell™ container.

4.  Place one corrugated cardboard separator on top of the gel packs.

5.  Insert payload into the ClimaCell™ container.

6.  Cover payload with second corrugated cardboard separator.

7.  Cover the second corrugated cardboard separator with the recommended number* of pre-chilled gel packs.

8.  Close the lid of the ClimaCell™ container.

9.  Close the flaps of the external shipping container and seal.


*To keep payloads chilled between 2°C to 8°C, please use the number and size of gel packs required by your solution:

  • Provisions: Six 1 L gel packs. Place two packs under your payload (Step 3), and four packs above (Step 7).

  • Meat, Fish and Dairy: Four 1 L gel packs. Place two packs under your payload (Step 3), and two packs above (Step 7).

  • Meal Kits: Eight 1 L gel packs. Place four packs under your payload (Step 3), and four packs above (Step 7).

  • Pharma and Life Science: Nine 500 ml gel packs. Place three packs under your payload (Step 3), and six packs above (Step 7).

Notes on Using Gel Packs

To keep shipments at the ideal temperature, the correct number of gel packs must be used.

Gel packs can be stored at room temperature before use.

Place gel packs in a standard domestic freezer before shipping. A single gel pack freezes overnight, while bulk freezing takes several days. Freezing by the pallet could take over a week, so plan accordingly.

The plastic from these packs can be recycled but the gel does have to go into the bin. Don't try to pour the gel down the sink, as it could block your drains.


Are you interested in ordering larger quantities, custom sizes or ClimaCell™ products for colder environments (up to -18°C)?

Please contact us via email at


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