ClimaCell™ Insulated Box Liners

  • Developed for shipping fresh or frozen goods up to 48h.
  • Ideal for provisions, meat, fish and dairy, meal kits and pharma
  • 100% Eco-Friendly: made from paper and bio-based materials​

What temperature can these insulated box liners hold and for how long?

ClimaCell is guaranteed to provide top-quality thermal protection for a single shipment per set of liners. Once used, the liners make excellent cushions for sensitive knees while cleaning or gardening!

Our range of ClimaCell Insulated Box Liners keeps payloads chilled between 2°C to 8°C for 24 or 48 hours. Depending on your solution requirements, you will use a different number and size of gel packs:

  • Provisions: Six 1 L gel packs
  • Meat, Fish and Dairy: Four 1 L gel packs
  • Meal Kits: 8 1 L gel packs
  • Pharma and Life Science: Nine 500 ml gel packs

Are you interested in colder environments (up to -18°C)? Please contact us via email at

Can I customise these insulated box liners?

Yes, you have several options:​

  • Brand the external box (Flexo Printing) - The minimum order quantity of 3K units
  • Include your brand on the ClimaCell paths - The minimum order quantity is a full container, and lead time around 7 weeks​
  • For other options, please contact us via email at

Are these insulated box liners sustainable?

ClimaCell is made from paper and bio-based materials and offers the same R-Value* performance as EPS foam and Wool coolers, validated using industry-standard profiles.​

ClimaCell’s patented technology is the only temperature-controlled packaging solution to receive the How2Recycle® “Widely Recyclable” designation because:​

  • ClimaCell is a starch-based product, fully “kerbside-recyclable” through standard paper waste streams​
  • ClimaCell is tested and certified repulpable based on OCC-E standards through WMU’s Pilot Plants program and features the How2Recycle® “Widely Recyclable” designation
  • ClimaCell is Vegan friendly (not derived from animal products)​
  • ClimaCell has no product Taint & Odour​
  • ClimaCell is Biodegradable​

How long ClimaCell keeps the temperature?

Versatile Performance - ClimaCell™ coolers are configurable to hold 2-8C, 15-25C, and frozen temperature ranges for 36 hours and beyond​

As an ISTA member, we’ve validated our pack-outs to meet the precise thermal specifications that our clients require. We’ve logged over 1,000,000 hours of testing for the largest brands in perishable shipping.​

Prior to physical lab testing, our partner utilises state of the art predictive software to model scenarios with a 90% degree of accuracy to save time in the enquiry process​

All testing is to ISTA Global Standard 20 (subset of ISTA 3a Distribution & 7e Thermal)​

  • Additional tests are used to supplement ISTA standard to replicate “real world” specific scenarios​

Our partner, TemperPack have expertise in knowledge of “active coolants” and combined pack out solutions which are tailored to every enquiry

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