Cardboard Envelopes with Adhesive Tape

• Envelope made out of extra resistant cardboard Envelope made out of extra resistant cardboard
• Adaptable width to a high variety of products
• All-in-one packaging: includes sealing tape and easy-opening strip

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Cardboard envelopes are a resistant and green alternative that adapts to your different shipments. Our envelopes are designed for e-commerce, are easy to assemble and are made of high-quality paper. Available in many sizes to meet the specific needs of your business.  

Recommended for:

  • Marketplaces

  • Fashion and cosmetics

  • Electronics


  • Envelope thickness of up to 3mm; brown recycled cardboard 309gsm2.

  • All measurements are inner measurements. 

  • Built-in adhesive tape to close the envelope and tear tape for easy opening. 


A packaging solution for fast and easy shipments

Cardboard envelopes are designed to be assembled quickly and easily with a "click & go" system and therefore guarantee customer satisfaction.  Reduces warehouse footprint due to its adaptability to different product sizes. The built-in side bellows allow thicknesses of up to 70mm.

Multi-purpose packaging

All-in-one e-commerce envelopes: For use as a box, envelope, or bag due to the adaptability in envelope thickness.  Best suited for shipment in marketplaces, fashion, electronics, and cosmetics. Simply open the envelope, place the products inside and seal the top with adhesive tape. 

Seamless opening experience 

Our cardboard envelopes are designed with a customer-friendly, easy-to-open system with tear tape that effectively prevents theft and manipulation of the product. With its easy opening strip, your customer can open the package quickly and safely, without scissors or a knife. 

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