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Wondering how to pack wine bottles, flowers or gifts for shipping? Discover our wide range of tailor-made shipping solutions: wine shipping boxes, flower shipping boxes, gift boxes with lids and our top seller range of e-commerce postal gift boxes. Our gift boxes will ensure that your items travel safely, and delight your customers when they arrive.

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Shopping online for gifts is now standard practice for many consumers. They prefer it to shopping in brick-and-mortar stores because they have access to a wider range of products, and they can save time, money and hassle in the process.

But when customers order gifts online, they still want send their friends and family a package that feels special. They can’t personally wrap the items or add a handwritten note, so they are looking for other ways to dress up their order for a special occasion.

As an e-commerce retailer, you need to be able to deliver this delightful, celebratory unboxing experience through your gift packaging. Discover our wide range of tailor-made shipping solutions, including wine boxes, flower boxes, multipurpose gift boxes and accessories. Our packing materials will ensure that your items travel safely and delight your customers.


What type of gift packaging do you need?

Does your e-commerce specialise in just a few products? Or do you offer a varied inventory? Do customers typically order one gift at a time, or do they pair similar items together in a gift shipment? Answering these questions will help you determine which gift boxes will be most useful for your business.

Specialty Gift Packaging

Flowers are delicate and need special care to reach their destination in perfect condition. Our flower boxes, made from thick recycled and recyclable cardboard, are designed to hold a standard bouquet firmly in place. Each box has two adhesive strips for fast and secure assembly, as well as an easy-open tab for simple unboxing.

Wine and spirit bottles are high-value items that require extra protection against breakage during shipping. Our wine boxes are constructed to absorb impact. Each box fits a standard wine bottle, cushioned by an interior layer of cardboard, a layer of empty space and an exterior layer of cardboard.

Versatile Gift Packaging

If your store sells a range of different gift items, you need packaging options that can meet your changing needs.

Gift boxes with lids are an elegant choice for special occasion gifts. Our gift boxes, available in three sizes and five colours (white, black, pink, red and light blue), enhance the quality and style of clothing, jewellery and other luxury goods.

The boxes are ideal for sending gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and holidays (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.).

Postal boxes are a cost-effective and attractive packaging option for sending cosmetics, clothing, accessories or home and garden decor. Our postal boxes are available in several sizes and styles, from the classic white or white coated to the colourful red, pink, black or light blue coated. Choose a colour that matches your brand identity or product selection.

All postal boxes are easy to assemble, and most are secured using self-adhesive strips. Returnable postal boxes feature two self-adhesive strips to facilitate stress-free returns.


How to Make Your Gift Packaging Extra Special

You don’t have to spend a fortune to create beautiful gift packaging. No matter what your budget, you can wow your customers by delivering a polished and professional box to their doorstep.

Customise it.

Add a personalised design or message to your gift boxes. Many of our boxes are customizable, allowing you to print your logo, a branded design, a festive seasonal message or information about an upcoming sale on the interior or exterior surface. Not sure what you want to print on your boxes? Select one of our existing SmilePrint designs, and enhance your packaging without taking on any additional work.

Be colourful.

A little colour goes a long way. Brighten up your delivery by choosing a coloured gift box – or adding a brightly coloured ribbon, label, stamp or sticker to a plain white or brown box.

Pay attention to the small stuff.

Small thoughtful details don’t cost much, but they help you stand out among your competitors. Include a little extra in each box, like a business card with a handwritten “thank you” message on it or a promo code for a future order. Invest in void fill that is a step above packing peanuts or bubble wrap, yet still affordable. Choose plain kraft paper, coloured tissue paper or crinkle shredded paper to make your products look their best.

Ask your customers.

If you want to know what kind of gift packaging your customers want, go straight to the source and ask their opinion. What do you currently offer that they like? What do they wish you would add? Crowdsource ideas on social media, or put together a brief customer survey to solicit feedback.

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