Face Shields


• Exclusively for use against the COVID-19 virus
• Produced in the UK and certified to BS EN 166:2002 and CE certification
• Reusable, simple to clean with excellent visual properties

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NFM001- Face Shields - BS EN 166:2002 Certified CE
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Our full-face visor helps protect against dust and droplets, it is produced in the UK and is an excellent alternative to conventional disposable face masks.

The eye-protecting visors are reusable and easy to clean with warm soapy water for a continuously clear view due to its single-piece construction and the anti-fog coating.

Adjustable strap and flexible clear plastic covering allow a perfect fit. Suitable for use in work and public environment.

Recommended for

  • Care Homes

  • Pharmacies

  • Dental surgeries

  • Retailers needing to supply employees with PPE to aid social distancing


  • PPE single piece, 100% recyclable


1.      The visors come protected with a polyethylene sheet on both sides that needs to be carefully removed before using the face shield. The foil sticks to the visor on both sides, you can use your finger nail or a sharp thin object to remove it without breaking or scratching the plastic.

2.       Fold the face visor into an upright position following the folding lines.

3.       Align the face visor with the headband.

4.      Tuck in the flaps into the punch holes on both sides.

5.      Adjust the headband to your fit and slide the band through the sling before securing it into one of the pre-punched holes.


  • Face shield compromised of an APET Visor screen and headband, exclusively for use against the COVID-19 virus and not for general industrial application (these face shields are not intended to offer any protection against mechanical impact)

  • It is BS EN 166:2002 certified and has received CE certification.

  • These products are classed as Category III Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) by the European PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425.

  • Tested in accordance with EN 166:2001 Personal Eye Protection Standards for the following properties:

  • This visor has a shelf life of 3 years. Service life will depend on usage conditions, but the visor should be disposed and replaced if badly scratched or damaged in some way that prevents safe use.

      • Field vision

      • Spherical, astigmatic and astigmatic refractive powers

      • Transmittance

      • Diffusion of light

      • Quality of material and surface

      • Stability at an elevated temperature

  • You can download the Declaration of Conformity here.

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