Boxes with Kids Moons Print

• Add a childlike look to your packaging with a minimum order of only 250 units
• Elevate your unboxing experience
• The Kids Moons pattern makes your packaging reach for the stars

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228 x 200 x 50 mm - Kids Moons Print Outside - CPP006-CHM-EX
228 x 200 x 50 mm - Kids Moons Print Inside - CPP006-CHM-IN
225 x 175 x 57mm - Kids Moons Print Inside - CPP015-CHM-IN
380 x 310 x 80 mm - Kids Moons Print Outside - CEC001-CHM-EX
380 x 310 x 80 mm - Kids Moons Print Inside - CEC001-CHM-IN
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A lullaby in a box: our SmilePrint® kids moons pattern is decorated with a cute half-moon and sleeping full-moon with Indian feather headdresses. Perfect to excite little adventurers! We recommend this modern packaging design especially for baby and toddler products.

Recommended for

  • Gifts

  • Clothing

  • Cosmetics

  • Home and garden decor


  • Those products are not designed to be used for heavy duty products unless stated otherwise, not to be used under high humidity or high temperatures conditions

  • All dimensions may vary by up to 3mm

  • CEC001-CHM-IN & CEC001-CHM-EX:

    • 3mm box thickness with 120gsm quality white cardboard recycled paper

    • Two self-adhesive tapes for closing

    • Tear strip for easy opening

    • Environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable


    CPP006-CHM-IN & CPP006-CHM-EX:

    • 2 mm box thickness with 120gsm quality white cardboard recycled paper

    • Our cardboard is 100% recycled and has an off white colour shade

    • With adhesive strip for closure



    • 3mm box thickness with 150gsm quality white cardboard Kraft paper

    • Easy-to-assemble postal boxes


    Easily add a childlike look to your packaging when you order 250 units or more

    Looking to upgrade your packaging for your e-commerce of kids’ products but in small quantities? It’s easy with our Kids Moons SmilePrint®, the perfect postal boxes with kid-friendly designs. Give your customers the option to order your products as a gift and elevate the unboxing experience.

    With our DS Smith SmilePrint® boxes, you can get the ideal cardboard boxes for your e-commerce when you order 250 units or more.

    Are you interested in ordering larger quantities?

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    **The images displayed of our DS SmilePrint® range (various box styles available for printing) may not correspond 100% to the final product delivered as the boxes are printed individually.

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