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Making Travel Easier & More Sustainable with OneNine5

For travel luggage brand (and DS Smith customer) OneNine5, environmental sustainability isn’t just one of its core values–it’s the foundation of the entire company. In 2017, Founder, Alex Stewart watched Blue Planet II, the documentary series hosted by David Attenborough, and was shocked to learn about the devastating impact that plastic pollution is having on the world’s oceans. As an avid traveller, Alex decided to channel a passion for travel and his concern at the plastic crisis into a new business.

Easy & Eco-Friendly Travel

OneNine5 is named after the number of countries in the world, they offer stylish and functional wash bags that aim to reduce the prevalence of single-use plastics among travellers. Each wash bag contains are usable clear bag for 100 ml travel bottles and liquids that detaches from the wash bag via easy release magnets. Travellers can remove this liquid bag to move smoothly through airport security, then reattach it without having to repack liquids.

“We know the headache of being in and out of airports grabbing the clear plastic bag to put liquids in,” said Alex.

“We estimate that in the UK alone, over 150 million single-use plastic bags are picked up at airports every year and our product can have a huge impact on reducing that number. The priority is to reduce our environmental impact and to take the lead in the luggage industry to reduce the use of single-use plastics.”

Sustainable Packaging OneNine5
Plastic-free washbag OneNine5
Sustainable Packaging Eco Brand OneNine5
sustainable washbag OneNine5

Recycled Materials & Sustainable Packaging

OneNine5’s wash bags are made from 100% recycled plastic–recycled polyethylene terephthalate (known as rPET). rPET is a common type of plastic used to make drink bottles and food containers, and it is a big part of the plastic pollution problem.

To support OneNine5’s mission to cut down on its environmental footprint, the company opts for minimal and sustainable packaging made only from recycled materials. OneNine5 packages its products in a recyclable cardboard sleeve and ships them in DS Smith’s custom printed e-commerce boxes, also made from 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard.

“We had requested custom printing from another company, though the minimum order quantities were upwards of 5,000 units,” said Alex. “We read an article online talking about custom packaging and artwork with a reference to DS Smith. Anna, the DS Smith ePack customer support coordinator, was absolutely wonderful to deal with. ePack ticked all the boxes, including product protection, recycled materials and custom printing with low minimum order quantity. And in general, DS Smith just showed more love and attention to us as a customer.”

A Better Customer Experience

OneNine5’s brand is rooted in being environmentally conscious, and it wants to reflect its values across all channels: product, website, social media and eco-friendly packaging.

“Consumers nowadays want to know that they are aligned to a brand that prioritises environmental sustainability and this makes them value and hopefully invest in your products,” said Alex.

How Sustainable Packaging Reinforces OneNine5’s Values 

In reviews, people have commented that they like our approach to minimising packaging and waste. We’re getting positive feedback on the basis that we’re not only producing products that are environmentally aware but that we’re considering the packaging too. Added to this by using custom printing, we’re able to remind our customers not to forget to recycle the packaging.” OneNine5 has recently launched on April 12 and the company is already receiving an enthusiastic social media response.

“So far the feedback has been awesome,” said Alex. “The best indicator is people uploading their unboxing experience via their Instagram stories and tagging @OneNine5. You instantly see the logo on the box, which maintains brand consistency. With the power of social media today, everyone is keen to align to a brand that represents their values and outlook –and we see it as a big plus that people appear to relate to the OneNine5 this way.”

Follow OneNine5 on Instagram, and browse products on their website. Learn more about DS Smith ePack’s customised printing options.


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