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Delivering Natural Style with Alchemy Oils

Amandeep Panglin grew up using natural oils to care for her hair, a common practice in Indian households. But she found that in the UK, hair oil was either hard to come by, or full of chemicals she didn’t want. Amandeep wasn’t finding what she wanted in the marketplace, so she decided to start her own brand.

She teamed up with her sister, Ramandeep, and her brother, Navdeep, to launch Alchemy Oils, a company that takes inspiration from both their Indian heritage and current British style trends. Alchemy Oils offers natural, vegan, nutrient-rich hair and beard oils that are free from parabens, sulphates, silicones and other chemicals. Products are made of plant-based sources, such as coconut, avocado, grapefruit, almond and peppermint oils.

Custom Printed Packaging for the WOW Moment

Alchemy Oils uses DS Smith’s custom printed cardboard boxes to ship e-commerce orders throughout the UK and Europe. The inside flap of each box is printed with colourful, eye-catching artwork that showcases the brand’s unique aesthetic and delivers anticipation and excitement to customers.

“We want them to have a WOW moment when they open the parcel,” said Amandeep. “And we have received great feedback on the artwork. The custom printing option is what drew us to DS Smith. We needed a memorable unpacking experience for the customer. The colour-coordinated artwork and the convenient, secure boxes are key to this.”

Alchemy Oils Cardboard Box

Printed Cardboard Boxes from DS Smith ePack

Amandeep said that as an e-commerce business owner, she values working with a packaging supplier that she can count on to satisfy her business needs. She can rest easy knowing that her company’s custom cardboard boxes will meet her standards and schedule.

“We required a new supplier after some logistical issues in the past,” she said. “We needed reliability and quality above everything else. The DS Smith team is really friendly and make sure that you’re totally happy before completing your order.”

Amandeep is looking forward to exploring new visual ideas for Alchemy Oils’ packaging in the future. She plans to experiment with different designs and colours, possibly trying a metallic palette.

“We’d like to change up the artwork so it doesn’t get boring for repeat customers,” said Amandeep.

Thank you, Amandeep, for sharing your story and insight into the Alchemy Oils brand!

Follow Alchemy Oils on Instagram, and stay up-to-date with their new products and style tips on their website.

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